Monday, April 30, 2012


Liberty is turning 6 tomorrow. She is thrilled about her birthday. It’s hard to believe 6 years ago today I was in labor with my very first baby. She has requested Red Velvet Pancakes for her birthday dinner. She wants a strawberry cake for her little party on Saturday the 5th. She is so smart and beautiful and stubborn and silly and frustrating and loveable and sweet and talkative and so much more. She’s reading. And writing. She loves Barbie and Moxie Girlz and baby dolls and purple and computer games and playing with her sisters and friends and drawing, etc. She is very social. She claims everyone is her friend wherever we go. She has so much energy and determination. We just love our first baby girl ever so much!!

001Libbs snuggling with Nadia

002So cool Libbs and her sisters

I am now about 38 1/2 weeks pregnant. I’m feeling really good besides being incredibly tired (all.the.time.). Wondering when this precious boy will decide to join us. Getting nervous about the laboring part of it all (remembering labor with the girls). So excited to meet this little man and study every little thing about him. Due date is May 10th. Liberty came 8 days past due date, Leila 7 days past due date, and Nadia 8 days past due date. Wonder if this little guy will do the same, or be different from his sisters. Some sweet friends held a beautiful baby shower last week…was so blessed! Still planning a home birth…looking forward to being in the comfort of my own home…everything is all ready.


Did you know we are moving some time in the near future? Well, we are. Jonathan got a good job in a town about 3 hours northeast-ish of here. We have our house up for sale now and are looking for rentals in the other town (prayer for that, please, as it’s really hard to find rentals there). The move will happen when the house sells and we have a place to live in the new town. I’m so happy for Jonathan and this great opportunity, but I have to admit I’m sad to leave the friends/connections we’ve made here. This may not be the greatest town, but it sure has some great people. I’ve checked, and the new town has a MOPs group, so I’m hoping to hook up with that to meet new people. I’ve been sifting through all of our stuff getting rid of what we don’t need in preparation (I do this with every move). I love getting rid of stuff. I just gave 4 big bags of girl clothes to a friend here. I thought it would be harder to get rid of those girl clothes, but surprisingly it wasn’t.

Guess that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by!