Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twelve Smile Tuesday

1.  christmas in october.  my grandpa & grandma w. have their christmas in october because the leave for florida in early november.  it was fun to see lots of family.  there are so many little kids running around again.  unfortunately i only took 2 pictures...can you believe it?!

022 023

2.  all dressed up.  my girlies all dressed up for the party.  and yes, leila and nadia are on the coffee table.  it's the perfect place to take a picture sometimes b/c they will actually cooperate if only for the incentive of being on something that they aren't supposed to be!

018 020

3.  this picture.  one morning when jonathan was getting ready for work, libbs and leila came in our room wanting to sleep with me.  since it would be time to get up soon anyway, i let them.  when i woke up again, this is how they were sleeping.  isn't it precious?  and actually, they were holding hands before i grabbed the camera.  love it!


4.  pumpkin bread.  yum...i just love pumpkin!  i made the pumpkin bread for the christmas party.  this week i'm planning to make a black bean & pumpkin chili (thanks to my sis-in-law sarah for the recipe!). 

5.  ephesians 4:32.  a verse that has been speaking to me this week. 

6.  candy land.  liberty got a candy land game for her first christmas from jonathan's sister bekah & family.  we finally pulled it out to teach liberty to play.  she's slowly getting the hang out of, but she doesn't have a lot of patience for getting to castle!


7.  dinner with friends.  we had dinner with tj & angela last week and had a really nice time.  angela and i have been friends since 2nd grade...crazy, eh?  they have 3 cutie kids...arianna-5, santino-2 1/2, and isabella-7 months.  they made delicious homemade pizza, and we made a chocolate chip pumpkin cake (see the pumpkin again?  yummy!).

004 009 007 010

8.  leila's slow progress to sleeping better at night.  it's very slow, but it does seem to be getting better.  the first half of the night is fairly rough, but lately the second half of the night is much better.

9.  liberty's memory.  seriously, this girl can remember the craziest things.  like cars.  if she sees the type of car we have when we're out and about, she'll point it out and let us know that it's a car like ours but it's somebody else's.  just the other day we were leaving target and parked next to our car was a red toyota corolla.  well jonathan's parents have a red toyota camry.  liberty immediately pointed to the car and said, "look daddy.  a car like you mama's in california."  and when i was telling her about the family christmas party the day before, she was asking which grandparents i was talking about.  i told her it was my grandpa and memaw's daddy.  she immediately said, "yeah, grandpa & grandma w.'s" (even though i hadn't used their last name in weeks).  she amazes us all the time!

10.  teeth.  nadia's two bottom teeth are starting to come through now.  well, one has broken through, and the other is starting to.  no pictures b/c you can't see them real well yet, but i thought this picture i got of her looking through my cookbooks was too cute to pass up :). 


11.  leila vacuuming.  the other day she kept pointing out the tiniest things on the floor wanting me to clean them up.  finally i told her to just vacuum the floor.  the silly girl actually got the vacuum out and unwound the cord!  i plugged it in and she said, "i do it myself." (her new favorite phrase).  i did help her out some.  this girl loves helping me do anything around the house...cleaning, cooking, laundry...whatever it is, she's my little helper, and apparently the one who points out anything i still need to do!  (please note that i did dress her that day...she stripped herself!)

024  025

12.  my hubby (who just loves when i take surprise photos of him, i'm sure!).  he's wonderful and i love him.  pray for him, for he has a lot in his mind and on his shoulders.  pray for us, really.  we're just trying to figure out exactly what God wants us to be doing.  and pray for us to continue to trust that God will provide for us and take care of us. 


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ten Smile Wednesday

here i am late again.  i thought i better get this posted before i get too far behind.  not a lot of pictures of liberty this week...a few times she told me not to take her picture.  what's up with that?!  anywho...it was a good week. 

1.  nadia is starting to stand on her own for at least 30 or more seconds.  she'll get to playing with a toy (or in the case of one of these pictures, memaw's dog), and just let go of what she's using to stand.  i can't believe how fast it is happening.  i tried to get some good shots for photographic evidence...these were the best i could get.

014 017

2.  a mops harvest party/playdate.  it was fun hanging out with all the mamas and kiddos eating yummy food and doing crafts with the kids.  we have a very small mops group...about 6 of us usually.

002 006 007 008 009 011

3.  pumpkin cookies.  i found this recipe and the girls and i made them for our mops party.  they are delicious!! 

4.  while at the mops party i was looking around to check on my 3 girls and found leila under this kitchen cart "nursing" her baby doll.  so cute!  i love how maternal little girls are...especially knowing God made them to be just that way at such a young age. 


5.  another leila smile...this girl loves to dress up!  and i love that in the first picture she is wearing a boot that was her daddy's when he was a little boy.  and in the second pic she is wearing mama's shoes...way too big, but so much fun.

002 021

6.  a smiley nadia.

020 013

7.  this baby picture my mom found of me.  she is always going on about how much nadia looks like me (especially certain facial expressions).  she says sometimes she wants to call nadia "rebecca" instead.  i couldn't find a good squinty faced photo of nadia to compare, so this will have to do.

012 015

8.  this pic of leila and i that she begged me to take.


9.  baby legwarmers.  i've seen these online quite a bit and finally whipped some up for nadia.  i think they are so cute and her legs stay warm when i put dresses on her.


10.  a pic of libbs because i just can't leave her out.


11.  and last, but certainly not least...a girls overnighter.  some of my dear college friends and i got together for a night.  there were 6 of us that were able to make it.  we spent some time walking around frankenmuth, ate at the bavarian inn, enjoyed the hotel's hot tub, and walked around the birch run outlets.  all in all, it was a wonderful time!  i miss those ladies!

005 006 008 009 011 012 015 016

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Smiles in Pictures

i just realized that it's already wednesday and i haven't even thought about my smiles blog.  i think i'll just share some pictures and maybe a few captions this week.  nadia has been sick with a fever all day...so of course she's either been sleeping or being held.  poor baby.  she's in the baby wrap as a type...what a life saver!!  anyhow...most of the pictures i took were actually from yesterday when we had a picnic at the park for dinner.


a little crafting.  isn't this fleece print so adorable?!  i made this for a baby shower my mom went to.

003 007

leila and her baby doll...she's such a good little mama.


dancing to some music with their babies.

008 009

hello, everyone.  i'm 8 months old now!

010 011

puny chose to eat all the way at the end of the benches...away from us.  i guess she's showing a little independence?

013 014 016 017 018 020 021 022 028 029 031 032 033 034 035