Friday, October 29, 2010

on (& almost on) my needles

here are a few projects i have on my knitting needles…plus a couple i plan to cast-on soon.

006 blanket

007 this blanket i started for liberty back in the beginning of the year….some day i’ll finish it.

008 this is the very beginning of what i hope will turn out to be a barbie dress.  the pattern came with some needles i bought and i thought i would try to make a couple for the girls for Christmas.

009 this is yarn for a new hat for nadia for the winter. 

010 and this is for dishrags.


and just for fun, a pic of a craft the girls did at the library story time today.  liberty’s is on the left, and leila’s is on the right.  found out today that leila is really into gluing things :). (these are supposed to be scary monsters).

have a great weekend!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


i finished jonathan’s scarf.  just in time for very cold and snowy weather here.  now i need a scarf for myself.  and nadia needs a new hat.  the list never ends :).

here is jonathan trying on his scarf:


and a few pics of the scarf while i was blocking it:

005 007 008

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


thought it was about time i posted some new pictures.  what better pics to see than the cute faces of my precious daughters ;).

004 006 007

these next pics are of liberty…she told us she is building a memory machine (taken from her current favorite movie, “meet the robinson’s).  she’s so creative…i love her imagination.

001 002 003

i spent a lot of time in the kitchen this past weekend trying out some new yummy recipes.  chocolate waffles.  pretzels like those you get in the mall.  yum!  and others as well.

001 004

these sweet pictures of jonathan and nadia…i love watching daddy & his girls.

002 003

my favorite room in our new place so far…the living room:

023 021 022

i made the girls matching skirts recently.  i bought the fabric before we moved and i finally put them together.  i really like the pattern…it’s very easy.  you can find it here.  liberty loves to be a little model these days…i love the pic of her by herself on the day i finished the skirts…hilarious!

038 040 001 042

that’s about all for now.  jonathan’s training is going ok.  keep praying please!  we tried out a church here…the first week was a little weird, but the second week was better.  still looking to make some friends.  i know that can take a while…but the girls and i are so ready! 

a friend reminded me of eph 6:10, “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his Might.”  so i thought i’d share it with you.  it’s a reminder i have needed lately.

also…yesterday it was 5 months since my dad passed away.  i cannot figure out how that much time as passed…seriously.  i miss him more every day.  this is a picture of him and the girls back in november 2009.  i love this!  he adored his grandchildren!

Dad & Grandgirls

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

all moved

well, we made it to wyoming and are probably about 80% unpacked.  the trip took 2 days.  we didn’t get nearly as far as planned on the first day (mon. the 4th).  when we stopped to gas up in winnemucca, we realized the moving truck’s tail lights weren’t working.  it took a couple of hours for a guy to come fix it, and then some time to fix it….at that point we were exhausted, so we decided to spend the night there.  i think the best part of the first day of traveling was stopping to have lunch (in the reno area) with a friend from college.  we hadn’t seen each other in years, so it was nice to catch up in person.  unfortunately, i forgot to get a picture with her.  and we didn’t get to meet her little boy because he was napping at the time.  next time!

the second day (tues the 5th) of traveling was pretty uneventful.  we were exhausted and ready to be at our new home, so we tried to make as few stops as possible.  we got in to rawlins around 7pm.  we met our landlord at the townhouse and got the tour and chatted a bit.  then jonathan and i started unloading the truck.  we got the majority of it unloaded besides the big furniture and decided we better find some dinner and get some sleep.  it was dark and we did not know our way around town, so we got back on the freeway to find a fast food place.  we drove around for a while trying to figure things out and finally found a place to eat.  the next day we realized a lot of the food places are less than a mile away from our place, haha! 

the town is pretty small…about 9,000 people.  it’s actually bigger than crescent city (where we moved from), but there’s a lot less here.  there’s no wal-mart or any type of national chain stores.  there’s only one grocery store…it’s owned by kroger, i guess.  the closest wal-mart is 100 miles away.  it’s going to take some getting used to, that’s for sure.  the people seem pretty nice so far.  we haven’t really met very many people, though.  there isn’t much in the way of crafts here…so i guess i will have to stock up whenever we go out of town.

jonathan’s first day of work was on thursday (the 7th).  it was mainly filling out paperwork and getting his uniform…fun stuff.  his benefits for the whole family are fantastic.  we’ve never had any so good.  we’re super excited about that.  he got paid for a full day that day, and also paid for friday even though he didn’t have to go in.  today is his first day of training. 

i hurt my back yesterday, so now i’m under orders to take it easy :).  the girls are doing good.  libbs and leila have had a few issues which i’m sure are related to the changes with the move, but over all they are adjusting well.  liberty especially is really wanting to meet friends.  we are definitely missing our friends back in cc (and michigan, too).  we celebrated leila’s birthday on friday (the 8th).  hard to believe she’s 3.  we didn’t do much since we already had her party back in california.  she requested spaghetti for dinner, and i made brownies for dessert.  i used boxed brownies, and they turned out kind of funny (but the tasted ok).  turns out i need to follow the directions for a higher altitude…that’s something to get used to (i think we’re about 6,000 feet up). 

we’re liking our new place.  it’s very spacious.  the set up is different…the main floor has such a basement feel to it.  there is the garage, a living area, bathroom w/ shower, bedroom and laundry room on the main level.  the 2nd floor has another living area (with a fire place!!), two bedrooms, full bathroom, kitchen and dining area.  there’s a small fenced yard in the back as well. 

i guess that’s all for now.  we should be getting our internet hooked up this week on thursday (a week earlier than planned!!).  i’m sure we have a lot of catching up to do.  oh, i did post pics of the new place (empty) on facebook last week.