Sunday, August 25, 2013


Early this afternoon (Saturday), I felt as though this day would never end. The kids kept fighting. I was tired. We needed a change of scenery. So told my kids to go potty, get shoes on, and find a water bottle. They wanted to know where we were going, but I was not sure. I decided we would just drive and explore a little. We stopped at the store for a snack and some bottled water and we were off on a spontaneous adventure. The kids were excited, and suddenly this day did not seem so monotonous or hard. 

We had so much fun. I know I will remember this day for a long time, and I hope my kids do, too. We stopped to see the sights at a spot on a river, and I let the girls get in and play. Then we made our way to a lake and I let them swim and we played in the sand. We needed this day, my kids and I.