Monday, February 25, 2008

A couple things

This is Liberty last night....she always asks to look at this picture of her Poppy & Gree and she'll look at it chattering away for quite a while.  Too cute!


This morning Liberty woke up crying and seemingly ready to get up, so Jonathan took her to the living room so I could get some extra sleep (what a sweetie!).  About an hour later when Leila and I woke up, this is what we found in the living room:

 013 014

Let me tell you...this kind of thing NEVER happens.  Liberty has always been one that needed to sleep in her bed.  This past month has been strange like that...her falling asleep in random places (the other was the kitchen table!).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Counting My Blessings

This week has flown by!  I was surprised to realize yesterday that it was Friday! 

1.  Our income tax return!  It came at a great time, and while we aren't able to use it as we had planned because Jonathan's not working full time, it was definitely a blessing.  We were able to keep up on our bills and even completely pay off a couple of nagging bills!  What a great feeling!

2.  Great deals on new shoes!  I got a cute new pair of tennis shoes from 020Steve & Barry's (for those of you who haven't heard of this store, everything there is $10 or less and it's nice stuff...there are even celebrities who make clothing/shoe lines for the store).  I also found the cutest little cowgirl boots for Liberty on clearance at Sears.  I think I'm more excited about Liberty's shoes than my own! :)   And Libbs likes her new boots so much she would not take them off at nap time today!019 021

3.  MOPS playdate.  I always enjoy getting together with the ladies from MOPS.  It's nice to let the kids play while us moms visit and snack on goodies.

4.  A haircut!  I have been needing/wanting a haircut for months now and I finally got one.  I feel much better!  I also got some tips on how to help out my ever thinning hair.  I'm going to try one of the shampoos out, so wish me luck!


5.  Right now I am so excited that my sister will be having her baby soon.  Her due date is just around the corner and she's measuring 40+ weeks.  I cannot wait to hold my brand new nephew!  It is extra exciting because with her first baby we were living in California and I wasn't able to meet my nephew until he was 10 months old. 

6.  A yummy catfish dinner cooked by my hubby tonight. 

7.  Getting better sleep this week.  For a while Liberty kept waking up crying once or twice a night and had a hard time going back to sleep...and then with Leila waking up once a night to eat (growth spurt?!), we just weren't getting a lot of sleep at night (at least I wasn't).  Liberty is finally sleeping good again and that is making a huge difference!  Yea for sleep!

8.  Craft shopping tomorrow!  I finally have a little money to get some things for projects I have been wanting to work on.  I can't wait to get crafting (knitting, sewing, etc..)!

9.  My supportive hubby.  With some personal stuff going on I know that I have been somewhat cranky, and I just want to say I am very thankful for my hubby's comforting arms and listening ear.  I love him!

10.  Finally being able to mail out our Christmas gifts to our nieces & nephews in Cali, and to Jonathan's parents.  I cannot wait for them to receive their gifts in the near future!  (I'll post pics after they've received the gifts)

011 014

016 017

018 023


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today in Pictures


I know I post a lot of pictures...but hopefully those of you we don't get to see a lot will enjoy them!  These are some pictures from today that I just can help but post!

Daddy playing with Libbs                   Leila in the exersaucer   

011 013


Yummy Orange Drop Cookies


Tried to get some shots of the girls...Liberty wouldn't cooperate until I bribed her with candy!!

  026 031 034 035                                

This was at dinner time tonight...what a rarity!

036 037

Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Shots

A few new pics...

Matching Pink Toes

011 012

Almost rolled over from back to tummy


This is where we found Liberty's cup this morning...such a silly girl!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Sweetest Sound

This evening I was sitting on the couch with the girls, and of course Liberty was moving around all over the place.  Leila was watching Libbs in wonder and just started giggling.  Liberty thought that was great and was laughing and doing silly things over and over again to get Leila to laugh.  It was the cutest thing.  I cannot believe all the giggles Liberty got out of Leila!  Oh how I love the sound of my girls laughing together!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Counting My Blessings

1.  A glowing report from Leila's 4 month check-up.  She's healthy and 027happy and beautiful!  Leila now weighs 11 lbs 4oz and is 24 inches long.  I checked Liberty's baby book, and Leila is smaller than Libbs was at 4 months by a couple pounds and one inch.  I guess Puny, the nickname Jonathan gave Leila in the womb, is a good pick!  

2.  A good visit with my friend Angela J.  She came over with her two kids RebeccaAngelatoday (Arianna & Santino).  We had planned to work on some crafts while the kids played, but it just didn't work out!  We did have a great time just talking and hanging out, though.

0353.  My sweet Liberty.  She has recently been asking if we are ok if we trip, stub a toe, cry, etc.  It's so cute...she'll say, "Daddy, you otay?  you awight?"  How precious! 

4.  Extra time to sleep this morning...thanks to my hubby for getting up with Liberty!

031 5.  Two good nights in a row with the girls.  Jonathan has been working some evenings and doing his Primerica training, so that leaves me with the girls on my own for the evening and bed time.  I was a little nervous about it because I'm so used to having Jonathan's help, but to my delight the girls have been great!

6.  Reading with my hubby.  Since we've been married (Jonathan actually started this while we were dating) we always read to each other before bed time.  Jonathan picks out a book of his choice to read to me, and I pick out something I like to read to him.  I absolutely love this time with my hubby.  After Leila was born we set the reading time aside getting used to another baby and just being so tired.  Recently we finally started reading to each other again...HOORAY!!

7.  Despite the fact our finances are crazy due to hardly any hours at K-mart and no other jobs coming up for Jonathan at the moment, I have been surprisingly more at peace that I thought I would be.  Of course I have days when I worry and wonder and question, but it seems those days are less than days where I don't let it overwhelm me.  I know this is definitely a God thing.  I'm so thankful for His peace and comfort during this crazy time.  We definitely couldn't make it through this without our Jesus. 

8.  Going along with #7, I have to say I am so thankful for my hubby...and I am thankful that we are not letting our circumstances get in the way of our relationship.  I know a lot of couples let these kinds of things push them apart.  I truly feel that the things we are going through are bringing us closer together. 

0389.  A nice visit with my cousin Joe and his wife Laura (who I've been friends with since elementary).

10.  And the rest of my blessings can be seen in the pictures below :)  I particularly love the pics of Liberty "helping" me cook.

011 013

015 019

022 023

028 030

032 034

Sunday, February 10, 2008

On a Roll

Today Leila rolled over from her tummy to her back!  She's not a pro at it yet by any means, but it's an exciting new accomplishment!  She also laughed a ton today at Liberty and Daddy!  Oh how I love the sound of that laughter! 

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Counting My Blessings

0121.  Cuddle time with my Libbs.  Liberty has never been one to sit still and cuddle with anyone until recently.  I am savoring the moments when she wants to sit on my lap and cuddle.  

2.  Our cute chatterbox, Leila.  She has definitely found her voice!  017She "chatters" on and on throughout the day, smiling as she coos.  I love her little voice!

0203.  Sisterly love.  I love to see Liberty get excited when she sees Leila.  She runs over to give her kisses and to play with her.  So precious!  And Leila's face just lights up whenever she sees her big sister.

4.  A very nice visit with one of my best friends, Angela R.  She came up 080yesterday for the day.  It was so nice to catch up in person.  We always have a good time together.  We were even able to sneak away to the mall for a bit while Jonathan watched the girls.  

0095.  My husband.  We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary this past week.  A lot has happened in those 4 years (big moves, babies, job changes, spiritual growth, etc), and I can honestly say that I love Jonathan so much more today than the day we got married.  I am so thankful God has blessed me with such a great man. 

6.  Yummy cheesecake.  Jonathan loves cheesecake, so I got a recipe 024from his sister, Sarah, for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake to make for our anniversary.  Despite forgetting to add the vanilla, the cheesecake turned out great!  Thanks for the recipe, Sarah!

7.  Bedtime.  There are days I so look forward to bed time with the girls.  013Today is one of those days.  I love my daughters so much...but some nights it's so nice to close the door to the bedroom and go into the calm & quiet living room and just breathe.  Ahhh...

8.  Reading books.  Liberty is finally letting us read to her an entire book.  017Usually she will beg us to read a book to her, but then flips quickly through the pages before you can read two words.  Now she actually wants to sit through the entire book..sometimes more than once!  There are two she really like us to read to her.  One is a favorite of mine, and the other is a favorite of Jonathan's.  How sweet!

007 009

012 016

014 043

032 036

019 029