Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

***i did actually write this up on tuesday, but my computer has been acting up so it's only now getting posted!  and i just realized i only have 4 pictures to post...guess i've been too busy enjoying my family to get out the camera, ha!

1.  my husband.  seriously.  i cannot imagine the stress he feels right now trying to provide for our family in a crazy economy.  i love him, and i'm so proud of him and how hard he works for us.  i'm so thankful he never gives up.  i love him!

2.  liberty's silliness.  she makes me laugh every day with the things she does and says.  she is quite the character these days. 

001 004

3.  story time with gree.  so sweet.


4.  girls night.  a night away with other mom's where my hubby puts the girls to bed and i have fun for a few hours...what more could a mama ask for?! 

5.  a job for jonathan.  it's 30-40hrs a week, but it's a start.  thanks for your prayers!  he's looking for something else to work along with this job, and hopefully we'll be able to get our own place again in the near future. 

6.  a very active nadia.  it's so exciting to feel her move around so much in my belly...but it does make me nervous for when she's born and becomes mobile.  i believe we have another liberty on our hands! ;)

7.  leila walking more and more.  she still crawls quite a bit, but every time we turn around she's walking across the room to something...and getting faster to boot!  so much fun!

8.  liberty's growing interest in the potty.  she wants to sit on it several times a day, and i always take her.  she has yet to actually pee or poo on the potty, though.  i'm hoping she'll be potty trained (or mostly so) by the time nadia comes.

9.  saving pictures from our computer onto discs.  this may not sound like much, but i am WAYYYY behind.  this will ensure more safety for our pictures and clear up space on the computer. 

10.  pumpkin spice tea (YUM!) and a good book.  has anyone else tried this tea?  it is sooooo good!  and of course i'm always up for a good read!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

Another week has passed me by.  i can't believe how fast time goes.  we're not even that busy, and yet the time just slips away.  anyway...on to the smiles of the week...

1.  jonathan, my husband.  i love him.  i'm proud of him.  he's my rock.  he loves me unconditionally in so many ways.  even when i don't deserve it.  and he loves our girls the same way.  i fall more in love with him every day.  i'm so thankful God blessed my life with him. 


2.  lots of baby movement in my belly.  nadia is getting more and more active every day it seems.  it actually makes me a little nervous.  liberty was really active in the womb, and now she's a big ball of energy!!  but i do LOVE feeling nadia move around in my's my favorite part of pregnancy.  a little miracle of life growing inside of me...i'm seriously in awe of God's work.

3.  matching girls...again!  i love love love matching clothes for my girls (or coordinated clothes).  they look so adorable...don't you think?!

002 003

4.  finishing my first pair of mittens.  i've been wanting to knit mittens for a while, but have been nervous about it for some reason.  they turned out to be a lot easier that i imagined! :)

012 013

5.  daddy-daughter dates.  last week liberty was just being a little pistol, so jonathan decided to take her to the beach for a daddy-daughter date.  they had such a good time together, and this mama had a nice break! :)  i love that jonathan takes time for his girls.

  033 029


6.  ice cream cones.  sarah (jonathan's sister) and her girls were over last week and after dinner we had ice cream cones.  this was liberty's first ice cream cone and she loved it!  she especially loved eating it with her aunt sarah and some of her cousins.

009 010

7.  phone calls.  this week i've gotten phone calls from my sister, my dad, my mom, and angela (one of my best friend's).  i love hearing from everyone and getting a chance to talk with my family and friends.  i miss them and i'm so thankful they've taken the time to call me this week :).  and liberty loves talking to everyone, too!  this is her talking to poppo (my dad).


8.  cute dresses.  the one liberty is wearing was made by my gram and i think it's so adorable.  the one leila is wearing is one she got for her birthday from her poppy & gree (jonathan's parents).  i just love putting dresses on the girls...they look so sweet.

041 043

9.  dancing with my girls.  this afternoon everyone was away from the house except the girls and i.  i turned on some music and we danced together for a while.  it was so much love.  i love that time with my girls!

005 015

10.  a song by sara groves called "it might be hope."  this song really touched me this past week when i found it's a song that's relevant to our life right now.  things are just so up in the air right now, but God always has a plan and there is always hope. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Fun!!

We headed to the park on thursday to enjoy the nice weather. we had a blast playing together as a family. i'm so thankful for my hubby. he's such a great daddy. i'm so proud of him and how hands-on he is with our girls. he's fantastic!! i love you, honeybun!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 Smile Tue...I mean Wednesday :)

1.  A good OB appointment this morning.  all of my blood work came back great!  nadia's heartbeat was in the 140's, and i'm not sure what i measured.  the due date is staying at february 2, 2009.  it's good to see the same doctor we had with liberty.  i like her a lot!


2.  last week we visited with our old neighbor lillian.  she's this sweet older lady we loved living next to back when we had liberty.  she was so excited to see us and the girls. 

006 007 008

3.  a  visit with jonathan's mamaw.

002 003 005

4.  leila's birthday, of course!  it was a fun day.  those pictures can be seen in the previous post.

5.  this sweet sweater for leila.  leila ended up being born on my best friend's mom's friend's birthday (got that?), and the lady was so happy about it she crocheted this sweater for leila.  coincidentally, leila was born the day after my best friend angela's birthday (much to her chagrin!).


6.  the girls were a bit sick this week and i am so glad they are feeling all better now!  now if only we could get leila to sleep better at night...

009 010

7.  my little couch buddies.  i think the picture says it all :)


8.  matching girls.  doesn't liberty look so happy to have her pic taken with leila this morning?!


9.  playdates.  so glad i'm able to go to some of these now.  it's great for the girls, and it's great for this mama!!

10.  a girls night at denny's.  last thursday us mama's spent a few hours at denny's after the kids were in bed.  it was nice to get away for a bit and have some fun.  there was lots of laughter going on there for sure!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leila's 1st Birthday!

leila had a great first birthday! i can hardly believe my baby girl is one now. we had a small family party for her. she enjoyed her cake and presents and family time. she's still not walking all the time yet, but she does take steps quite a bit. she now weighs about 16lbs and is about 27 inches tall. she's saying some words and chatters on throughout the day. she loves baby dolls. put one in front of her and she's happy as a lark! she's happy, healthy, and a wonderful blessing in our lives!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Choosing a name

With both Liberty and Leila we had their names picked out before the ultrasound.  they were sent in stone.  we didn't have to discuss it or spend lots of time trying to figure out which name we liked best or anything like that.  yesterday when we went in for our ultrasound with this new baby we had two girl names we were debating on.  then we found out we are indeed expecting another girl, so we needed to pick which name to use.  most of you know we have been looking at zona caroline and ainsley augusta.  after spending hours last night trying to pick the perfect name for our third girl, we just didn't think zona or ainsley were a good pick (we still like those names, just not for this baby).  we were up until after midnight deciding on just the right name.  we researched online and found name meanings and all that fun stuff.  we came up with two names we loved, watched the ultrasound again, asked liberty's opinion, and finally came up with our baby girl's name.  it was weird to spend so much time trying to figure out a name since we hadn't had to deal with that before.  i'm sure you're all wondering now what her name will worries, it's not a secret!  we chose Nadia Zenevieva.  Nadia means "hope," and Zenevieva means "woman for the people."  we love it!  Zenevieva may throw you's the slavic & german form of Genevieve (a name that i love).  jonathan has a slavic background and wanted to incorporate that into our daughter's name.  Nadia also has a slavic/russian background. that you've read my long version of choosing Nadia's name, here are some of the ultrasound pictures from yesterday.  throughout the ultrasound Nadia kept putting her arms in front of her face as if she was precious!  her heartbeat was in the 140's.

Image01 Image03 Image05 Image11 Image12 Image15

Friday, October 3, 2008

We're having...

...a third girl!!! you read that's another girl! we had our ultrasound today. our baby girl is doing great...growing well and good heartbeat and everything. now we just have to decide which girl name to use...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sixteen Smile Tuesday

since i was missing in action last week i thought i better add some extra smiles this week.  no real excuses for my lack of posting...just being lazy i guess.  we've had a pretty good week here.  i can hardly believe leila's first birthday is just one week from tomorrow.  where has the time gone?!  alright...on to the smiles...

1.  my pregnancy is going well.  i'm 23 weeks now.  went to the hospital this morning to be checked out b/c i was feeling funny (almost like when i started labor with the girls).  everything is fine.  the baby is doing well.  s/he had a good strong heartbeat and moved around quite a bit.  heart rate was 140's/150's.  it made me feel better just to hear the heartbeat.  such a beautiful sound!  while i was there my doctor ordered all my prenatal blood work and such, so it was nice to get that out of the way.  i should also be scheduled for an ultrasound soon...within the next week or two.  i'm sooo excited!

2.  playdates.  i've been enjoying taking the girls to playdates every week.  it's been nice to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.  the girls are really enjoying the time with other kids, too. 

3.  leila's new blanket.  last week my gram sent leila a blanket she made for her.  it's so cute and warm and cuddly.  and it has leila's name and bday on it, which is fun!!

005 006

4.  dryers.  who knew they could be so fun!  i was working on some laundry and i took a load from the dryer out to the living room.  when i went back in the laundry room to get liberty, this is how i found her:

007 008

5.  kidtown.  this is a park in of those big wooden structures.  it's so fun to take the girls there.  last week when jonathan and i took the girls we happened to run into jonathan's sister sarah and her girls. 

009 010

6.  leila's first pair of shoes.  we picked those up last week...and today she decided to take 21 small steps in a row!  i can't believe my baby girl is starting to walk. 

013 014

7.  a waterfight.  jonathan was washing the car last week and liberty was loving the spraying jonathan started spraying her.  so cute!

015 016

8.  not sure what's so fun about playing under the kitchen table, but it kept liberty occupied for a while.


9.  ponytails.  check out the pictures...they say it all!

018 019 026 027

10.  my beautiful girls.  i love them so much (despite the temper tantrums, sleepless nights and disobedience lately...).

023 022

11.  this pic of leila trying to put her sock on...just thought it was so cute!


12.  this pic of liberty.  this is what happens during a temper tantrum if the child is not careful (she hit her face on a cabinet door)...


13.  daddy and libbs time. 


14.  i finished a new hat for she is showing it off.  it's a tad big, but the one i made when she was a newborn was too snug.  i'm ready for some new hat patterns, so if anyone has any cute (not too hard) baby and/or toddler hat patterns...send them my way!! :)


15.  family walks.  jonathan and i have been trying to take advantage of any nice weather in the evenings and going for walks with the girls.  it's really nice to enjoy the fresh air together.  liberty loves to get out of the stroller and walk for the last leg of the trip.

16.  my wonderful hubby.  i love him.  and i know i don't show that enough or how much i appreciate him.  i take him for granted sometimes, but i'm working on not doing that.  so....I LOVE YOU, JONATHAN!!