Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick baby update

well, there's no new baby yet! i went to the doctor today and everything looks good. i am now 39 wks 2days pregnant. i measured 38 and nadia's heartbeat was in the 140's. i am still only 1cm dialated, but am now 75% effaced. woo hoo for progress! i've been having some contractions the past few days, but they always go away after a bit. it's such a tease! i'll go back next tuesday unless nadia decides to make her debut before then. i'm really hoping she comes when my doctor is on call (i love my doctor..she's fantastic!).

we're all doing good here. we MIGHT have an apartment soon, but nothing for sure yet. have a great week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An update & some smiles

well, i'm now less than two weeks from my due date...and SO READY for this baby to come. i'm not really that uncomfortable (for the most part), i'm just ready to meet this precious new girl of ours. my next appointment is tomorrow and i will see another doctor just in case he is on call when i go into labor.

we've been enjoying some weird summer-like weather here for the past couple of weeks. usually in this part of cali it's cold and rainy all winter long, so 60's and 70's temps are strange. of course we are taking advantage of these warm temps and have been going on lots of walks, trips to the beach, and to the park.

a few recent smiles from us...
*the movie "get smart." have you seen it? it's just so funny. and the funniest part for us is that liberty loves watching this movie over and over. she picks it over princess and train movies. and she actually sits through the entire movie. and she knows the characters. she's so funny!
*when i vacuum the floor, leila dances to the noise of the vacuum. i have no idea why she does this, but it makes me giggle every time!
*fun times at the beach.
*j-muffins (my hubby's version of egg mcmuffin's). yummy!
*finishing nadia's hat. now i'm craving a new knitting project...you know, something i've never done before. maybe a sweater...maybe a different kind of hat...i don't know.
*almost finish my first ring sling. i had one completed yesterday, but realized the rings were too small for the fabric, so i made another one...just have to attach the rings. i'm so excited!
*my wonderful hubby...bless him for putting up with my INSANE emotions lately. seriously, i don't remember being this way at the end of my other pregnancies, but this time around i am a wreck (crying over EVERYthing, etc).
*leila's grins.
*a prom-themed girls night last week. it was fun to get all dressed up and hang out for a few hours and eat some yummy food.

i guess that's about all for now. yesterday we hiked to endert's beach (1/2 mile one way). that was a lot of fun. liberty walked almost the entire time. and she wanted to climb the mountains and rocks (she she tried it a bit, too!). she's so adventuresome. leila enjoyed walking a good bit of the trail as well. we had a really nice time. although, i am SO SORE today from all the walking (up and down hill, etc).

we'll be sure to keep you posted on baby news :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can I get a do-over please?!

this has not been a good day. it started out this morning with whining children who couldn't be pleased. liberty spilled her cereal all over the floor and then proceeded to cry for me the entire time i was trying to clean up the big mess. meanwhile, leila was trying walk over the mess and i was trying to keep her out of it, which made her start crying. then i started crying and was wondering how in the world am i going to do this with THREE kids?! oh boy! later i decided to finish nadia's blanket. and let me tell you...i hate sewing satin binding on a blanket..not only do i hate it, but i am not very good at it either. i was so frustrated the blanket didn't turn out as i hoped (although jonathan says it looks great and that no one will notice the mistakes anyway...and most importantly, nadia will not care that mama messed up on her blanket). and then there's the part of me that's freaking out because i don't have everything in place and ready in case i go into labor. ugh! plus lots of other things throughout the day and the fact i feel like i've been a monster-mom today...i sure would like to wake up and start this day over again.

thankfully, my husband is home now and calming me down, leila is finishing up a nice long nap, and liberty is actually not getting into something for a change...ahhhh. and we are going to head up to brookings, oregon (about a half hour north of here) to enjoy the nice weather and pick up a few things for nadia. things are finally starting to look up today :). so, thanks for letting me vent...and be sure to say a few prayers for me if you think of us as we are getting ready for our 3rd baby girl and trying to figure out this thing called life!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doing good

hey everyone! we're hooked up to our very slow dial-up internet now. i don't think we'll be posting any pictures any time soon, haha! although when nadia is born, one of us will use a member's computer to post some pictures then, so no worries there!

we're doing good here house-sitting for jonathan's mamaw. yesterday morning around 4am i had some contractions that woke me...i have to admit i got a little bit excited about the possibility of the baby coming early, but the contractions went away after an hour or so and haven't come back. i did go to the doctor today for my 37 week checkup and everything seems to be going great. my strep b test came back negative, and my iron level is great. i measured 35cm and nadia's heartbeat was in the 140's (her norm). the doctor did check me and i am 1cm dialated and 50% thinned out, so i guess that's good news :). it's just a waiting game. i'm so anxious to meet my 3rd baby girl and learn all about her.

i've been working on finishing up a blanket for nadia today..i am attaching the binding. wouldn't you know liberty started acting up when i was sewing and now there's a pucker in the binding on one side...ugh! oh well, i guess it gives the blanket character, ha! i'm also almost finished with nadia's knit hat. i haven't even gotten the materials to make a ring sling or a new nursing cover yet...hmm...

alright...i guess that's all for now. know that we are doing well and trying to keep up with everyone. and we're enjoying some crazy nice weather...it has to be at least 70 degrees and sunny today. makes it hard to believe it's january. usually it's cold and rainy this time of year here, but the past few days have been like summer!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The new doo, a few pics, and other things...

well, i had my first haircut in over a year today!  i feel much lighter now.  so i wanted to share a pic of the new doo.  will it look like this every day?  probably not, since the lady who cut my hair also styled it, but it's fun to hope i can keep it up! :)


it's less than four weeks now until my due date and i'm getting so anxious for nadia's arrival!  starting today we are going to be house sitting for jonathan's mamaw...we'll be there for a month.  i'm not sure how often we'll be online as we'll only have dial-up internet while there. 

and just for fun, some new random pictures...

001 002

006 008

010 011

012 013

the pictures left to right, top to bottom:  jonathan playing dollhouse with liberty (what a great daddy!); liberty & leila playing nicely together; leila thinks she's so funny when she walks around with the bucket on her head; liberty when she was sick with croup (poor baby!); the girls opening their christmas gifts from aunt ashlee, uncle dan, daniel & sidney; liberty w/ her first barbie doll; leila with her new toys; aunt sarah reading to the kids.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

who knew?! and other random things.

hello there.  the other night we were on our way to bed and liberty said she had to go potty.  i didn't really believe her b/c i thought she was stalling the bedtime process, but i took her anyway.  she said on the potty for a while and did nothing, which irritated me.  and then she pooped.  a lot.  on the potty.  who knew you could get so excited about pooping on the potty?!  so i just had to share.  she hasn't done it since, but i'm so excited for the big step she made!  and i have to share something kind of funny she did afterward.  she got off the potty and looked inside.  she said, "mama, i want to see the poop."  i told her it was kind of hidden in the toilet paper now, so let's flush it.  she kept looking in the toilet and finally said, "oh wow!  that's cooool!!"  oh my...she is a funny one!

in other news, the girls have been sick with a cold for about a week.  leila's seems to be making it's way out of her system, but liberty's got really bad last night.  her cough was so deep, she was horse, and she had fever.  and was so lethargic.  i called the doctor this morning and they got her in (thankfully they by-passed the "new patient visit" and let her have a sick visit first).  the doctor thinks she has croup.  he put her on an antibiotic, a baby steroid (to reduce the swelling in her wind pipes and voice box...), and then eye drops b/c she has a goopy eye.  poor baby!  hopefully the meds will help this weekend and she'll be good as new next week. 

also, a week from thursday jonathan's mamaw is going out of town to visit her sisters and other family.  she plans to be gone for a month and wants us to house sit at her place.  so jonathan, the girls and i will be living at her place during that time.  it will be nice to have some time to ourselves and for jonathan's parents to have a break from us!  i'm not sure how often we'll be online there...we may get dial-up service for the month, but you know how that is these days! 

anyway...liberty can't sleep so i'm up late rambling in a blog.  i've got a sore throat and my body is starting to get achy, so i guess i'm finally catching the cold that's been going around.  ugh!

oh yes...we are on a few waiting lists for places to live, so please be praying with us that God will open doors for us to get into our own place asap!  thanks so much for your support!