Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello again from the library

Just wanted to let you all know we will be online again at home next wednesday, july 2. we'll also have phone then, too. can't wait to really catch up with everyone!

we are doing alright here. jonathan is enjoying his job and the people he works with, but he's very busy right now. the girls and i have been helping him do some down routes. the girls are good. liberty has been having a lot of problems sleeping lately so we've had to resort to benedryl at times to help. i'm not a huge fan of that, but the girl needs to sleep (and so do i!). leila is finally starting to get her bottom two teeth now! she's doing great. i've started supplementing some formula in her diet as she has not been getting enough from me (this new baby is stealing everything, i guess!). it was hard for me to do, but it's good for her. we are pretty much all unpacked...mostly our bedroom that needs to be organized. the apartment is spacious, and that's nice.

we miss everyone so much! thanks for keeping up with us! i know when we get internet at home i will have a ton of pictures to post :)


The Kampers said...

Glad to hear that your transition is going well. Keep at it with the nursing thing. I am still nursing Forrest a couple of times a day because he was so young when I got pregnant with this baby. We are still nursing and even though there are some hard times with it, it has been good! You can do it!:)

Amanda said...

so glad to hear you are adjusting. and rebecca...don't feel badly about the formula...i haven't had enough milk supply for either of the girls and haven't made it past the 6 month mark either time...and both times it has been hard for me...i've felt like i was failing my babies...and then had to realize that God knows...and He provides by way of formula!

The Kampers said...

That ring sling is the BEST!! I have used it since he was about 2 weeks old (with this baby I'll start even earier:) They are SO easy to make...I've made about 4 now for friends having babies. Just google ring sling and there are some patterns. You can get the rings at the hardware store. I still use it, even with the baby bump. It was great for church and for nursing in public!

Liz said...

So glad to hear that you're starting to get settled--and yay for internet! Isn't it crazy how life seems so unconnected when you don't have it at your fingertips?

Congrats too on the coming wee one! :-D