Tuesday, March 24, 2009

11 Smile Tuesday

it's been so long since i've posted one of these blogs! i know i have so many more smiles than 11. and i really wish i could post pictures (darn dial-up!)...but here are some recent smiles...

1. nadia's smiles. she's giving us quite a few these days. it's such a delight when i start talking to her and she looks at me and smiles. i love it!

2. a new bedtime routine for liberty and leila that seems to be working out well. let me tell you, having two such young kids share a room is not always fun or easy. but i think we've finally gotten an ok routine for them. although, liberty still hops out of bed and into leila's bed for a bit of playtime. hopefully that will eventually stop.

3. liberty & leila's love for nadia. they are both constantly wanting to kiss, hug or hold her (and i do mean CONSTANTLY). too bad liberty & leila can't be that loving with each other all the time, ha!

4. a date with my hubby. jonathan and i finally had a couple hours to ourselves for my birthday. we went to lunch and even managed to not talk about the kids for most of our date time. it was really refreshing. thanks to poppy & gree for watching the girls!

5. seeing a couple of "new" movies that i really enjoyed. by "new" i mean ones i've never seen before. one was "the family that preys." have you seen it? it's very very good movie. and the other was "of mice and men." really good...i wouldn't mind reading the book eventually (my list of books keeps growing and growing).

6. grace. boy am i receiving a lot of grace lately, especially in the mama department. i'm so thankful for this grace from my girls and from my Jesus.

7. baby carriers. i've been using a couple of them quite a bit with nadia and they are a huge help. they keep nadia happy & content, my hands free, and nadia safe from little hands that want to try to carrier her around like a baby doll. i have a ring sling and a mei tai. i've really been enjoying my mei tai lately.

8. family walks. we've been taking advantage of any nice weather and walking walking walking. i must say the baby carriers come in handy here, too, since libbs and leila are both still needing to ride in the stroller for long walks.

9. a growing nadia. she's getting so big already. it's nice proof when you're nursing that she's getting what she needs from me. we had to reschedule her one month check up to the 30th, so i'll let you know her stats then. she's 6 weeks old today and doing so well.

10. gas drops. seriously, these do make me smile because they have made our nonners (my nickname for nadia) a much happier, calmer baby every evening. what a difference!

11. and last, but certainly not least....my hubby, who has been so patient and understanding and helpful and loving and wonderful to me and our girls. i love love love him dearly!!


MikeandJen said...

where did you get your meitai? i really want one, but not sure if i want to invest in the money...

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Loving the baby carrier lately too. I have a pouch sling and a ring sling...the ring sling I just haven't gotten the hang of yet, but I love the pouch sling. It just makes my life so much easier. When we were in San Francisco last week that is how I carried her everywhere!

So glad the transistion is going smooth. Yes, thankful too for amazing grace!