Monday, December 14, 2009

A Tad Late

well, i gues this is a bit late now, haha!  i really did write out all these smiles last tuesday, but i wanted to post pictures with them and my computer has been giving me problems when i try to download pictures.  i apologize.  finally i'm sitting down to post the smiles sans pictures.  i'm sure you'll enjoy them, but of course it's not the same without those cute little faces...hopefully i'll get that figured out soon!

1.  the Bible.  i'm so thankful that God and His Word are the same yesterday, today and forever.  psalm 139 has been on my mind a lot recently.  it's so amazing how God knows us inside and out...everything little thing.  it's amazing to think that even before he formed us in the womb, he knew exactly who we!

2.  lunch with friends after church.  it was nice to relax and fellowship and let the kids play.

3.  making progress on the sweater i am knitting for nadia.  i have been wanting to knit a sweater for quite a while now, but have just been scared to try it.  so far it seems to be going really well and i am so excited about it!

4.  answered prayer.  i mentioned in my previous post a possible job opportunity for jonathan.  well, he redid that one part of the testing and did not pass.  we were a little disappointed, but at the same time we know that it was God letting us know this wasn't the avenue we should be pursuing.  on the other hand, we're still trying to figure out just what it is we should be please say a prayer or two for us if you think of it.

5.  a visit from a dear friend on friday.  one of my best friends, joheather, came out to visit for a few hours.  it was so great catching up in person.  i've missed seeing her and it has been quite a while since we'd been together.  i'm so thankful for her and her friendship...she's definitely a blessing! 

6.  decorating for winter/christmas with the girls.  we haven't done much, but they were so excited to put up the little tree we borrowed from my mom.  liberty is enthralled with christmas i put up a couple strands.  now the girls just can't wait for the snow so they can play in it.  it seems like everyone around us is getting snow, but we still have none!

7.  visiting with great-grandma and papa dick.  the girls and i went with my dad to see his mom her significant other (who happens to have been my great uncle by marriage on my mom's side...crazy, eh?!).  the girls really enjoyed playing with great grandma and papa dick.

8.  this picture of libbs and leila...apparently they are re-purposing my knitting needles as drum sticks.  poppy would be so proud. :)

9.  libbs showing off the dress i made for her.  i really need to start on leila and nadia's!!

10.  watching my nephews on monday.  it made for a houseful, and was at times crazy, but the kids all had so much fun together.  i love those boys.  and while they all played i actually got a few things making a picture frame wall hanging thing with pieces from an picture holder i had (something i'd been wanting to do for months). 

11.  and one more for good measure...watching an old christmas movie on tv with the girls last night.  we had popcorn and they got to stay up a tad past their bedtime.  they loved it.  and i loved that they were enjoyed a christmas classic that my sister and i used to watch every year.  so fun!

12.  and another  that i just can't leave out...kisses from my sweet girl nadia.  she is loving to give kisses recently.  it's just so precious and i want to remember it always.  she gets this huge grin on her face, grabs my face with her little hands and gives big baby kisses.  i'm so in love with her...with all my girls, really!

13.  bonus...we just received a package in the mail from jonathan's parents.  it contained leila's birthday gift (a baby doll...are you surprised?), an outfit for each girl (super cute outfits, i might add), and jonathan's favorite coffee beans.  thanks dad/mom/poppy/gree!!!  we love you!


Amanda said...

rebecca...definitely praying for things on the job-front/decision making about that. and loving your smiles...hope blogger starts cooperating and letting you upload photos...i'm sure there are a bunch of cute ones! isn't it funny how we often get more done when we have extra kiddos...crazy! glad you enjoyed the package...will link the play-doh recipe to you on FB!

melanie said...

Thanks for your modge podge tip! Nice to "meet" you. :D

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Hey Rebecca, just wanted to stop by and say hello to you. Hope that you guys are doing good and had a good Christmas season. May God bless you in the new year!