Thursday, May 3, 2012

39 Weeks

Today I am 39 weeks pregnant. I’m feeling good, just the normal tired. On Tuesday afternoon/evening I was feeling a lot of pressure that turned into contractions. They were 2 minutes apart for almost an hour, and then they stopped completely. I really thought it was time because with my girls when contractions came, it meant labor. Wednesday morning I woke up sick (throwing up, etc) and was sick all day. Today I am feeling normal again. Very weird. It’s just a waiting game now. Tomorrow is Jonathan’s birthday, so it would be fun if Jethro came tomorrow…but who knows?!

This is me today:


Liberty is officially 6 and very proud of it.


She requested Purple (Red) Velvet pancakes for her birthday dinner.



And a couple extra pics for fun:

002Nadia requested I take this one

003Leila hanging out in a box

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