Friday, February 6, 2009

A few things...

good morning! hope everyone is doing well. we are doing alright here. i've had a few contractions on and off the past couple of days, but nothing consistent. i'm feeling good, though. i'm so ready to meet my 3rd baby girl, but at the same time i want her to come on her (God's) time, not mine.

yesterday we found out that mamaw's (jonathan's grandma who we are housesitting for) sister passed away. mamaw is planning to stay in alabama an extra 10 days. please be praying for for jonathan's family there. also, jonathan's uncle is in the hospital right now with some health issues (this is jonathan's dad's brother...also mamaw's son). so, if you think of them, please say a few prayers for the family! thank you.

in apartment news we are STILL waiting. it is really frustrating for us, but we know God's timing is so much different (and better) than ours. we're trying to be patient, but it's hard sometimes.

i guess that's about everything. we sure appreciate your prayers for jonathan's family.

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Amanda said...

we are definitely praying for your wait for nadia's arrival...and for jonathan's family in all that is going on...and for the apartment to come through. what a big time for you all. wish i was closer to come entertain the girls and give you some rest!