Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm still here...

yep, i'm still around and doing good. i've been having trouble posting pictures...ugh! i will try to see if i can post some on facebook soon. and hopefully i'll also share the labor/delivery story soon, too.

nadia is doing well. she eats great and is starting to be awake a little more during the day. she's so precious. liberty & leila love nadia. they love to hold her and kiss her and fight over her. it seems like we've been having some more issues between liberty & leila, but not between them and nadia. weird. they are doing good, though. liberty thinks nadia is her baby and we were so embarrassed at the store the other day when a lady was talking to us liberty told her rudely, "don't talk to nadia." daddy took her to the car for a talking to and then back into the store to apologize to the lady (she's a worker there). so far adjusting to 3 hasn't been horrid, but we haven't done much either. mostly i'm just really tired.

as for the apartment...i am going to call on that again today (yes, it's taking FOREVER for that to get worked out). jonathan's mamaw comes home tomorrow so we're praying we can move in today or tomorrow. PLEASE!

guess that's it for now. i'm so sorry for the lack of pictures, but the computer is just not cooperating with me.

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Amanda said...

praying the apartments comes (or perhaps already has) through. and glad to hear the adjustment is going well so far...i'm going to be learning from you! :) honestly our sleep "key" with elizabeth has been consistently returning her to bed (with some discipline), not catering to singing songs, etc..., and the routine of it seems to be helping...although, i admit i am exhausted and just want to let it slide and stay cozy in bed...but not really, because i can't do the being woken up at 5 a.m. thing much longer. i am dreading the fact that in a few short months we will be moving kate into her room...and then i'm afraid elizabeth is going to ruin kate's sleep habits as well!