Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 Smile Wednesday

for now i'll just post my smiles....maybe this weekend i'll post some pictures.

1. being down to 2 in diapers again!! liberty is doing really well using the potty (well, we're still working at #2). i'm so proud of her and so happy she's done with diapers! i seriously thought it would never happen sometimes.

2. finding a new church/group of people to worship with...we're really enjoying it!

3. to go along with the previous smile, all the things jonathan and i are learning...growing closer to God and one another. amazing!

4. seeing some more of my family on saturday when we went to my cousin's college graduation party. it was so nice to see everyone!

5. spending a day with one of my best friends, angela. she came up on monday and we had lunch, watched a movie (ella enchanted, very cute), went to the park, and of course did a lot of chatting! it was so great to spend the day with her. liberty enjoyed cuddling on the couch with aunt angela and reading books. so cute!

6. figuring out a frustrating banking situation. as it turned out, my bank blocked my atm card b/c it had been used all over the place (during our move). i'm glad they were protecting us and glad we figured out why we couldn't access our money!

7. lots of time outside. the girls love playing outside and we've been trying to take advantage of all the nice days we've had. it's definitely nice for wearing the girls out at the end of the day :).

8. cousins. liberty and leila have really been enjoying hanging out with their cousins daniel and sidney. they are all so cute together!

9. the move "enchanted." just love it! it makes me smile :).

10. a nice lady at target today (or as i like to call her, the angel lady). all three girls and i headed to target this afternoon and liberty was in quite a mood. we didn't even get into the store and she was throwing a major fit. i got her calmed down and we did our shopping. then in the checkout line she started talking back to me again and throwing another monster fit. oh my goodness was i ever mad and embarrassed!! the parking lot at the car this lady walked up to me and told me she was in line near us and that she admired how well i handled liberty's fit and how patient i was. let me tell you, i did not feel very patient or under control. but i was so thankful for that lady....she really made my day and made me feel better. may God bless her!!


Liz said...

Love it when you run into those types of people in the store...wish there were more like them. :)

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

That was so nice of that lady to say something to you, what an encourager!

I have no idea how I missed this whole moving to Michigan thing. I don't think I ever even realized you were from Michigan before.

I've been a bit absent from blogging lately so I must have missed that post. So glad your husband found a good job, although it may be difficult for a time, I really hope it all works out great in the end!

Enjoy your weekend and being with family and friends again!