Thursday, May 14, 2009

Been a While

so we made it to michigan. the trip was delayed a couple days because we had to get a new gas tank on the truck. what a money pit that truck is! the trip itself was long and we were so glad to make it here. the truck had some minor issues along the way that cost us more and slowed us down a bit. the girls did ok. we found out that leila is not a good long-distance all! liberty and nadia did decently. one evening at a hotel we took the girls swimming (well, not nadia). liberty and leila LOVED it! it was a nice break.

now we are getting settled at my dad's house and enjoying seeing him, my mom, my sister and her boys. jonathan found out today that he'll be leaving for florida on monday. i am so not looking forward to him being gone. he'll be there about 4 weeks. i miss him already. i don't know what i am going to do without him and pray that he won't have to keep up this traveling thing for long. at the same time, i have to be thankful for this job as it is providing for us. if you think of us, say a prayer or two, would you?

we are attempting to potty train liberty again. let me tell you, this girl is STUBBORN! we put her in underwear all day today, and she really didn't care if they were wet or not. but she did go on the potty throughout the day (with lots of prompting from mama and daddy). potty training is one thing i am just not feeling up for...i sometimes wish i could send her to a potty training school. i just don't seem to have much patience for it...or good ideas for getting the job done. ugh!

well, i'm off to try to relax a bit with my wonderful hubby. have a great weekend!

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