Thursday, June 18, 2009

10 Smile Thursday ;)

i have some pictures to post for the smiles, but i'm at my mom's house and so i can't download them right now.  i'll try to post them soon. 

1.  jonathan found another job.  the only drawback right now is that it doesn't start until july 14th.  and he'll need something part time to go along with it anyway.  so we're very thankful for a job provided, and continuing to pray for guidance and another job.

2.  a visit with my gram and gramps in frankenmuth.  i took jonathan up there to apply for a job (not the one he just got) so we stopped in to see my grandparents.  we all really enjoyed our time visiting on the front porch.  my gram is the one leila is named for, so we got a picture of great gram leila and little leila. 

3.  story time with daddy.  the other night the girls (liberty & leila) curled up with daddy on the couch for some story reading.  love it!

4.  sunglasses.  while jonathan was away in florida liberty begged him to buy her some dora sunglasses from florida.  of course he did and liberty just loves them.  and looks adorable in them, too!

5.  the sweet sleeping faces of babies.  there's a precious pic of nadia sleeping that i will post when i can!

6.  nadia's smiles.  she's such a happy baby, especially now that she's grown out of her colic.  she smiles a ton.  and she's quite the little wiggle worm these days, too.  i think she'll keep us on our toes!

7.  these days leila is obsessed with getting "rides" on our legs when we are sitting down.  recently i caught liberty trying to get leila a "ride" on her legs.  so precious!  i love the days when they are actually getting along well!

8.  my 3 girls.  i adore them.  they sure can drive this mama crazy at times, but i love them dearly!  again, i have a cute picture to go with this.

9.  a Bible study in the books of Daniel and Revelation.  it's been very interesting and eye-opening.  we're learning so much and enjoying the fellowship, too.

10.  the book, "to train up a child."  i've only just begun to read it, but it's already transforming the way we think and deal with our children.  it's been a blessing!

oh yes...a question.  in having 3 kids in 3 years i've lost a lot of hair, and the hair loss is just continuing.  if anyone has any advice on how to curb it and bring it back, i'd love to hear it!  i'm trying to make sure i incorporate enough protein in my diet, but other than that i'm not sure what to do.  thanks!

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Amanda said...

precious smiles...can't wait to hopefully see the pics. and i would be completely willing to share some of my hair with you...seriously, my hair gets so "big" and thick during pregnancy i don't know what to do with it...but really, sorry i don't have any good suggestions...hopefully someone will!