Wednesday, August 26, 2009

13 Smile Wednesday

1.  my cousin david & rachel's wedding.  i love weddings.  a time of publicly declaring your love and commitment to the one God has blessed you with...such a beautiful time.  and of course seeing lots of family i haven't seen in a long time is a definite smile!  oh, and we can't forget the dancing...liberty and daniel were loving that part!

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2.  leila's nap.  the other day i had to take liberty to the doctor and i took nadia with me.  leila stayed home with daddy.  jonathan was doing some schoolwork on the computer and leila was playing quietly on the porch (it's enclosed).  jonathan noticed it had gotten quiet so he went to check on leila and found her sleeping in bed with her taggy and blanket.  apparently she was tired and decided to put herself down for a nap.  cute, eh?

3.  God's provision...and really, this should be posted first.  we are so very thankful for God's hand in a situation that came up this last week.  we were feeling pretty stressed about it and not sure what we were going to do, but as always, God provided an answer and we breathed a sigh of relief.

4.  a family picnic.  jonathan had to work 7 days in a row last week, so on his first day off we decided to take a picnic lunch to the park and have a little family fun time.  as it turned out, it was a cooler day, so it make it that much more enjoyable!

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5.  blueberry apple pie.  yum!

6.  greek chicken filled pitas.  something about food this week, lol!  i tried this recipe for dinner this week and it was oh so yummy.  i'll be sure to post the recipe when i get the chance. 

7.  the other day we saw a butterfly outside of our house.  it was so pretty i just had to take a picture.


8.  nadia is starting to crawl AND pull herself up on furniture.  she is growing way too fast, that's for certain. 


9.  baby lilah.  we made dinner for my cousin joe & laura and liberty was just itching to go see their new baby.  she was so excited to hold her.  and so was i.  there's just something about a brand new baby.  God's intricate work on display.

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10.  learning more and more about all the natural things around us that help with the little and big things of life.  for instance, did you know that sunflower seeds can help with allergy symptoms?  by eating 2 ounces a day you are getting a whole's days serving of vitamin E, which turns off the parts of your immune system that trigger allergy symptoms/hay fever.  isn't that amazing?  i find it fascinating to learn about all these things that God has created to naturally take care of different things in our lives.

11.  corn.  we were given some fresh-from-the-garden corn this week from some friends.  let me tell you, this has got to be some of the BEST corn i have ever eaten...seriously! 

12.  and last, i am certainly smiling about the arrival of amanda's sweet new baby girl.  congratulations amanda & family!!

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Amanda said...

so many sweet smiles over here. and i love that my sweet jillian made the smiles. oh rebecca, i am longing for the day that our SIX girls (AND US!) can meet in person....perhaps once i get settled into the "having three" routine a bit more. so far we have been surprised by the relatively "normal" stuff around our place...still struggling with many of the same "training" things with libs and kate...dealing with their little squabbles, etc...but jillian is SUCH a good baby so far, and i am beyond grateful for that...and the girls, oh my, they are SO in love with her. i am slowly getting a bit of rest here and there and slowly making my way into a new "norm"...mike's grandma died tuesday and he is in the midst of a HUGE project at work, so that has made our first week look a bit different than we had expected, but God is SO good and His grace is definitely so sufficient for each day. i had my first 5 hours alone with all three girls yesterday (running on 3 hours of sleep...ugh!), and i made it! yay! by the way...i will message you with my address over FB...just remembered that you had asked.