Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 Smile Wednesday

i know it has been so long since i posted again.  i just can't seem to keep up.  also, my camera battery died and i cannot find my camera dock/charger anywhere!  it's so frustrating.  i am missing out on so many pictures.  and the pictures generally help me remember a lot of smiles. are some things i've been smiling about...

1.  sweet kisses.  kisses between my precious girls.  leila giving them to nadia.  liberty giving them to nadia.  nadia trying to kiss back.  oh so sweet.

2.  flowers.  jonathan came home from work one night with flowers for me.  it was a nice little treat after a particularly rough night with the girls.

3.  mops started back up last week. 

4.  finally getting a land line phone hooked up.

5.  the huge, beautiful smiles nadia gives me after i give her kisses.  oh how i love it!

6.  a teething necklace.  it's made with baltic amber and really seems to be helping leila and nadia.

7.  a labor day picnic...lots of yummy good, conversation and games (particularly ladder ball...has anyone else played this game?  oh my i think i might be a tad addicted!).

8.  the library.  books to read for free...enough said. :)

9.  homemade strawberry rhubarb jam.  it was my first attempt at jam and i must say it is oh so yummy! 

10.  learning so many new things studying the Bible (in sabbath school, on my own, with my hubby, etc).  it's really amazing when God opens your eyes and mind to things you'd never noticed before.

11.  liberty's "school" workbook.  i picked up an age-appropriate work book for liberty because she's so interested in school and trying to write with me, etc.  last night when the girls said their prayers she prayed about doing her school book.  she's so excited about it (hopefully that will continue).

12.  a blissful 2 hour uninterrupted nap yesterday afternoon thanks to my wonderful hubby.  nadia has been up in the night frequently to eat recently and leila is just not sleeping well lately for some reason, so i have been so so tired.  yesterday when nadia went down for a nap jonathan told me to take one as i did.  it was soooo nice!

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