Friday, October 9, 2009

10 Smiles & Leila's Birthday

1.  nadia and chunky foods.  the other day i found her with a chunk of freeze pop, and then later one when i was cooking dinner she was sitting on the floor gnawing on a hunk of green pepper.  she also loves to eat ritz crackers.  she's not so interested in runny baby food :).

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2.  libbs and daddy.  aren't these pictures precious?!  i happen to think they are!

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3.  colorful chicken 'n' squash soup.  yum!  soups and cold days just go hand-in-hand!


4.  leila's strange sleeping spots.  this girl does fall asleep in the most random places.  i think this laundry basket beats all (and yes, she did really fall asleep in there)!

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5.  turkey roll-ups.  we recently stopped eating pork...and i remembered that one of our favorite football/get together/whateverexcusewefind snacks was ham of course i had to find something to replace the ham.  turkey!  (this is turkey lunch meat spread with cream cheese and then rolled up around a green onion...not sure where this came from, but i always remember having the ham roll-ups at family gatherings when i was growing up).


6.  mops.  oh how i love these meetings and the lovely ladies that make them!  and this month i made yummy mini spinach/artichoke quiche....soooo good!

7.  selling our gmc jimmy.  while it stinks that we don't have 2 vehicles, we had never really been able to enjoy having 2 because the jimmy had issues we couldn't afford to fix.  we needed the extra money and were able to sell it this week.

8.  yarn and cold weather.  i knit any time of the year, but there's just something about curling up to knit when it's cold outside.

9.  libbs and nadia.

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10.  last, but certainly not least, leila's birthday!!  i can hardly believe our sweet girl is 2 already.  a little about her at age 2...she talks quite a bit.  sometimes we can't understand what she is saying because she is so soft spoken.  she emulates everything big sister liberty does.  she adores her baby sister nadia.  she loves baby dolls.  and dresses.  she slept great as a a toddler, not so much.  she's likes to cuddle.  she will eat almost anything you put in front of her, which means she'll try all the recipes i use.  she loves mickey & minnie mouse (hence the minnie cake i made).  she's very sweet natured, but there is a temper under that sweetness.  she loves sabbath school.  and  books.  and kisses.  anyway, we had a little party for her last night.  she did pretty good.  if you know her, you know she's almost painfully shy around almost a gathering with lots of attention focused on her was interesting.  she ended up having a good time, though.  i made her a teddy bear, but it got ditched for a little doll my gram got her.  she LOVES that doll and will hardly put it down now. 

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