Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Smiles

we're laying low here today as liberty was sick yesterday evening and through the night.  she seems to be doing better today so far.  praying that it doesn't pass through all of us!  i planned on posting yesterday, but then libbs got sick and time just got away from me, as usual ;).  jonathan started his new job this week.  it's going pretty good.  we are missing him like crazy here, though.  it's lonely without him.  this morning liberty asked me what time it was.  i told her, and then she said, "is that time for daddy to come get us?"  anyway...on to some smiles!

1.  jonathan has been getting sales this week...yea!  he's doing better each day and getting more confident in his new role.  we're proud of you, honey!!

2.  leila has been going pee and sometimes poop on the potty.  it just started all of a sudden and she's been doing great so far!  we're quite proud and excited!  she's still in diapers at night and nap times, but it's so good to be down to just one in diapers now!


3.  a night of uninterrupted sleep.  sunday night the big girls spent the night with poppo and i was able to sleep through the night.  it was so refreshing.  i really wish i knew why leila wakes up all night long.

4.  a visit with great gram & gramps (my grandparents).  they are leaving for arizona this week, so the girls and i went to visit them for the day.  it was a lot of fun...i always enjoy time with them...and the girls like it, too.  (that busy time of spending the night w/ poppo then going right to great gram's for the day had liberty going to sleep at 6pm and not waking until!).  unfortunately i didn't get any pictures :).

5.  this sweet picture.  of course on the way home from gram's the girls all fell asleep.  when i went to get them out of the car, i found liberty and nadia holding hands while they slept...too precious!


6.  daddy & his girls.  before jonathan left on saturday i of course had to get a few pics of him and the girls.  he's such a great daddy!  his girls miss him dearly!

029 030

7.  playing bus.  liberty likes to line up the two little chairs and pretend they are on a bus. i remember doing the same thing when i was a kid.  such great imaginations.

025 028

8.  love for daddy from nadia.

022 023

9.  playing with poppo.

020 021

10.  these oh-so-cute faces!

018 019 017

11.  having angela, tj & kiddos over for dinner.  we always enjoy our time with them.  nadia and isabella were so funny...they were wrestling and trying to kiss each other.  so cute!

014 015

12.  my lifesaver for fussy, teething babies.


13.  just for fun.

010 011

14.  fun in the kitchen drawer.  sometimes when i am cooking the girls enjoying playing with all the kitchen utensils.  nadia especially enjoys banging two little baking pans together.

007 009

15.  gotta' smile when libbs and puny play nicely together...they tend to fight over things a lot, but they also play so very well together at times.  love it!

002 005

16.  having angela over for the day on saturday.  she helped keep my mind off the fact we had just dropped jonathan off at the airport that morning.  and of course we had a ton of fun together. 

17.  hanging with my sister and her boys yesterday.  always a good time :)

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Hope everyone is healthy now! Looks like you've been having a lot of fun. Good for Leila going on the big girl potty! Hope you have a great weekend. Take care!