Friday, January 29, 2010

what we've been up to...

i've been trying to keep us busy while jonathan/daddy is away :)  here's a peak into what we've been doing...

~ missing daddy, of course!!  one night leila woke up and said she missed daddy and insisted on sleeping in his chair.  precious!


~ being proud of jonathan/daddy.  he's working hard at his new job and enjoying it.  cannot wait until we've got things worked out and the girls and i can join him!

~ finally finishing a new hat for leila.

003 005

~ starting a new knitting project with this deliciously soft yarn.


~ playing on the couch bed (this pic is leila and nadia peaking down at liberty.


~ building houses for daddy (liberty)


~ having a movie night with my mom and sister...complete with ice cream sundaes, of course!

~ hanging out with my sister (& my mom, too, sometimes) and her boys.

011 012 015 018 019 020

~ packing exactly one box (there is no move date yet...just had a box laying around so i used it).

~ eating pizza and watching "the incredibles" (liberty's current favorite movie) with my dad.

~ having dinner with my friend angela and her 3 kiddos (we've been friends since the 2nd grade!!).  this pic is leila wearing angela's high heels (this girl loves shoes!!).


~ cleaning out the fridge and pantry.

~ praying for precious landon.  please be praying for him and the whole pollak family, too!!

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