Wednesday, April 21, 2010

smiling is fun!!

some smiles from this past week…

1.  jonathan’s new position.  he took a position with another company doing the same kind of work (sales), except now he works for a couple of great travel magazines.  and he’ll be home more often…yea!!

2.  getting my dream vehicle…a mini van!!  jonathan decided to sell his truck (it was just too expensive to upkeep and we wanted a family friendly vehicle)…and we got a used pontiac montana.  we’re really enjoying our new ride.

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3.  a hike in the redwoods…lots of fun!

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4.  liberty’s first swim lesson…she is just loving it!  she got right in the water and did everything her teacher asked of her.  she even went all the way under the water.  we’re so proud of her!

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5.  an overnight girls trip.  a group of us mama’s were able to get away for the night to medford.  it was so much fun to hang out with the just the girls…no kiddos to be found.  thanks so much to my hubby for staying with our girlies at home  so i could have a night away :). 

girls nighttt girls nighttttttt girls nightttttttt

6.  a few days of sunshine.  gotta’ love that vitamin D :).

7.  3 nights in a row that all 3 girls (this pertains mostly to leila)  have slept well for just about the entire night.  bliss, i tell you!

8.  birthday money.  jonathan’s parents gave me money for my birthday…but they waited to give it to me until right before my girls night trip, that way i could get some fun stuff in medford.  i got a new dress, new shoes, a book, a necklace and a fun sign to hang in our house. 

9.  knitting.  i’m still knitting away on liberty’s blanket.  i guarantee it will not be finished by her birthday…so i’ll have to save it for christmas, i think…but it’s coming along. 

10.  to go along with the previous smile…i am teaching my sister-in-law sarah how to knit now…so that is fun.  we were able to knit together on the way to medford :). 

11.  a soon-to-happen date night with my hubby.  it’s been a while since we’ve had a real date…and i think it’s going to happen within a few days…so that’s definitely something worth smiling about!!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Sounds like a lot to be smiling about!

We just got a new (to us) van too. Our old one had so many problems we just decided it wasn't worth it and traded it in. Loving the new ride! :)

A girl's night sounds so fantastic! The only time I've done that since being a mom is for MOPS convention. Looking forward to doing it again for convention again this year, such a good time!

Hope your date is great!

Allegra said...

FYI, you are the most recent winner of Amanda Soule's book set on the Petite Purls blog! Please check the blog and contact us with your address so we can finally send off these books!