Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my poor forgotten blog…

well…i haven’t really forgotten about my blog…i just haven’t made the time to sit down and write anything.  the girls keep me busy…especially when jonathan is away.  when they go to bed at night i try to catch up on a little housework and knitting.  i’m working on knitting a blanket for liberty for her birthday (which is just around the corner on may 1!).  it doesn’t look like i’m going to finish it in time…so maybe it will have to be saved for her birthday…we’ll see.  liberty has requested an incredibles cake for her birthday.  do you know how hard it is to find anything from “the incredibles” anymore?!  i finally found some little figurines on ebay.  i’m going to put them on her cake…and then we’ll clean them off and she can play with them.  i cannot wait until she sees them!!  and since we are talking about liberty’s birthday…i cannot believe she is going to be 4!  wow!

we are doing alright here.  mostly settled into our new place…although i do still have some boxes to go through.  and our bedroom is nowhere near set up the way i want it…but that room always comes last :).  the girls have adjusted really well.  we all miss everyone in michigan very much.  we’re so thankful for skype…we talk to my dad, mom, sister and nephews on skype quite a bit.  so nice to be able to see our loved ones while talking! 

the girls are good.  liberty is her normal busy self.  she says the funniest things.  take today, for example.  she asked daddy for a drink of his soda and he obliged.  she then said (i kid you not), “i’ve been dying to get my lips on that soda!”  where does she come up with this stuff?!  she’s also doing a lot of boundary testing.  she seems to really like pushing our buttons!  she is so ready to start school stuff these days.  she’s so interested in so many things…always asking questions.  she’s been playing some great learning games on a website called starfall.  she loves it! 

leila is coming out of her shy shell more and more.  she’s still a quiet little sweet girl, but she’s also got quite the temper and she’ll let you know when she’s upset.  she’s full of smiles and still loves playing with her babies.  she’s aquired an attitude of late…what fun!  she’s 2 1/2 now…i don’t know how that happened.

nadia is doing good.  she’s walking well.  she’s saying a few words…her favorite being “hi.”  she says it to us all day long…and she’ll say “hi” over and over whenever we are out and about.  she’s generally very smiley and happy.   she’s been teething lately, so she’s had a nasty rash and a nasty disposition…i’m ready for that to be done…i want my happy baby back.  she has weaned from nursing…i miss it.  we also decided a few weeks back that it was time to toss the binky…and in lieu of that, she decided to suck her thumb.  perhaps it isn’t the greatest thing, but i think it’s just adorable.  she mostly does that when she’s tired/going to sleep.  she’s also what we like to call our little bully.  if she wants something, she’ll go right up to her sisters and take it…and then hold onto it for dear life when they try to take it back.  libbs and leila will come crying to me when this happens…seriously…nadia has a bit of a mean streak that we are trying to tame!

ok…i’ll share a few (or a lot of) pics now…004 shirts from poppo & memaw that say “i’d rather bee in michigan”


033 038

daddy/daughter talk                             puny

042 047

libbs                                                          nadi sucking a sandy thumb

029 034

sis-n-law sarah and i                              jonathan and i

001 my little stinker002 003 004 baking bread w/ the girls.  we’re trying to do this every week so we don’t have to buy bread.

006 nadia with great granny012 girls on easter014 015 016 017 this coat was worn by my mom & her sisters and other family members as well…so fun!

032 me, sarah, bekah (jonathan’s sisters)

036 a rainbow on easter

002 005 nadia’s first pigtails…so cute!!

010 pacific ocean012 she literally took a nose-dive013 love this one (no, that’s not poo)015 precious017 my made up pizza concoction (before baking)

018 leila021 023

took the kids to the pool.  found leila and nadia asleep after they ate their dinner…yes…asleep just like this!!


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