Thursday, May 13, 2010

heart catheter results

my dad had the heart catheter procedure done yesterday to check out what is going on in is arteries. the news was not great. there are just 3 arteries going into your heart. the one at the bottom of his heart was 100% blocked and there was scarring (deadened heart tissue). they are unable to do anything about that artery b/c of the scarring. the aorta (the biggest and main artery) was 60% blocked. they didn't do anything with this artery either because i guess it has to be 70% or more blocked before they will put a stent in. the plan is for him to see the cardiologist twice a year and keep a close eye on the aorta. he will also have a stress test done in july. and he has to implement a new diet. he's still at a very high risk for another heart attack. it stinks to be so far away right now. i want to be there to help my dad out with whatever he needs. thanks for your continued prayers!

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PrincessSparkle84 said...

Praying for your dad, you and your family!