Tuesday, July 13, 2010

an afternoon of libbs and knitting

while leila and nadia were napping, liberty begged to play outside…and for me to come out, too.  so i threw a sheet on the ground and enjoyed some time with my oldest daughter.  and i got to knit…bonus!  i took a few pics…liberty took a few pics…and here’s what we got:


miss libbs enjoying a freeze pop


can you believe how big she is getting??


libbs took this one…sun was in my eyes big time, hence the weird face


love this one of libbs and i


libbs took this…i like how it turned out


my knitting project


libbs took this, too


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Looks like a fun afternoon! And I like that pic too of you looking down. Very artistic!

Amanda said...

love it! isn't it a blessing to share sweet moments with just one of your girls at a time (and i love that it can involve the simplest of things!). so glad to catch a glimpse of your days. love you friend...really, really do! hey, can you fb message me your most recent address pretty please...i forgot to ask last night when we were chatting!

Beck said...

Sweet mommy and daughter time! Great pictures too!