Thursday, July 22, 2010


we had our first er visit (& broken bone) for one of the kids this past week.  libbs was rough-housing with nadia on friday evening and nadia hurt her leg.  she wouldn’t walk on it and cried if we moved it.  we decided to keep an eye on her for a while because we weren’t sure if it was something serious or not.  by bed time she still wasn’t walking on her leg.  we put her to bed and about an hour later she woke up screaming and crying and her leg was so sensitive.  i took her to the er.  we were there for 5 hours.  she had x-rays.  they found nothing and sent her home with “leg pain.”  the doctor there told me to take her to her doctor in about a week if she wasn’t better.

i decided to make her an appointment first thing monday morning…they got her in that evening.  it was the first time we ever saw that doctor, and i thought he was great.  he was good with nadia, very thorough, and very caring.  he found that her leg was quite sensitive and saw that she wouldn’t bear weight on that leg…but wasn’t sure what was wrong.  he was concerned because she wouldn’t use her leg.  he thought maybe she had a sprain, but seemed like maybe it was something more.  he sent us home and told us to come back in a week to see if it was any better.  the next morning (tuesday), nadia’s doctor called.  he said he had been thinking about nadia all night and he had the radiologist look over her x-rays and they did find a fracture on her tibia. 

for the next two days the doctor was trying to find someone to cast her leg (we live in a small town with limited healthcare at times).  i did lots of calling, too.  but we finally got someone who could splint her leg today.  she’s got a splint that goes up above her knee.  that will be on for at least 10 days, then we’ll go in to get it checked and see if it can be replaced with one that goes below her knee for 2-3 weeks.  should be interesting!

it seems like nadia is more comfortable now that her leg is being protected, but she is getting frustrated with not being able to get around even by crawling.  poor thing!!  here are a few pictures of our little trooper cutie pie:

005 006 007 008

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