Wednesday, October 20, 2010


thought it was about time i posted some new pictures.  what better pics to see than the cute faces of my precious daughters ;).

004 006 007

these next pics are of liberty…she told us she is building a memory machine (taken from her current favorite movie, “meet the robinson’s).  she’s so creative…i love her imagination.

001 002 003

i spent a lot of time in the kitchen this past weekend trying out some new yummy recipes.  chocolate waffles.  pretzels like those you get in the mall.  yum!  and others as well.

001 004

these sweet pictures of jonathan and nadia…i love watching daddy & his girls.

002 003

my favorite room in our new place so far…the living room:

023 021 022

i made the girls matching skirts recently.  i bought the fabric before we moved and i finally put them together.  i really like the pattern…it’s very easy.  you can find it here.  liberty loves to be a little model these days…i love the pic of her by herself on the day i finished the skirts…hilarious!

038 040 001 042

that’s about all for now.  jonathan’s training is going ok.  keep praying please!  we tried out a church here…the first week was a little weird, but the second week was better.  still looking to make some friends.  i know that can take a while…but the girls and i are so ready! 

a friend reminded me of eph 6:10, “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his Might.”  so i thought i’d share it with you.  it’s a reminder i have needed lately.

also…yesterday it was 5 months since my dad passed away.  i cannot figure out how that much time as passed…seriously.  i miss him more every day.  this is a picture of him and the girls back in november 2009.  i love this!  he adored his grandchildren!

Dad & Grandgirls


Amanda said...

love you rebecca....defintely praying. we haven't seen "meet the robinsons" but will have to check it out. isn't the creativity of our kiddos amazing. and wow...those pretzels look sooo tasty...we are trying the chocolate waffles soon! :)

Rebecca said...

amanda...yes, the kids' creativity is amazing...and so much fun to see. thanks for your prayers. you're a good friend. the chocolate waffles were a hit here...libbs asks for them every day! love you!

Nicole said...

Great blog Rebecca I love it!