Friday, October 29, 2010

on (& almost on) my needles

here are a few projects i have on my knitting needles…plus a couple i plan to cast-on soon.

006 blanket

007 this blanket i started for liberty back in the beginning of the year….some day i’ll finish it.

008 this is the very beginning of what i hope will turn out to be a barbie dress.  the pattern came with some needles i bought and i thought i would try to make a couple for the girls for Christmas.

009 this is yarn for a new hat for nadia for the winter. 

010 and this is for dishrags.


and just for fun, a pic of a craft the girls did at the library story time today.  liberty’s is on the left, and leila’s is on the right.  found out today that leila is really into gluing things :). (these are supposed to be scary monsters).

have a great weekend!!

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Amanda said...

you are so making me want to knit! :) and i love the scary monsters...leila's kind of reminds me of a fish! :) kate is soooo into gluing right now too!