Saturday, January 15, 2011

hair cuts & other randoms…

warning:  this post contains lots of pictures!!

i hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and new year’s!  we enjoyed our Christmas this year with just the 5 of us.  of course we missed all of our family and friends, but it was also nice to have time with just our little family.  liberty was so much fun Christmas morning because she was thrilled with every single gift she opened from toys to clothes to toothbrushes. 

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for Christmas we got the girls bunk beds.  they were so excited!!

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i made my girls and my nephews all pillows out of my dad’s favorite t-shirts.  i hope they are something the grandkids can treasure for a long time.

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on new year’s eve we went to casper for the  day (about an hour and a half to two hour driver).  we got to eat out, walk around the mall, and go to wal-mart :). 

we’ve had some hair cutting incidences around here recently.  apparently liberty sees herself as a hair stylist, haha!  last thursday i found that she had cut leila’s hair…and she did quite a job with it!  i had to cut it to leila’s chin to get it all evened up.  then this past week libbs got to nadia’s hair, which also had to be cut chin-length.  (i forgot to get before pics of nadia’s hair!)jonathan and i decided we should cut liberty’s hair as a consequence.  i did that tonight.  unfortunately she was actually happy to have her hair cut. :)  she really did need a good chunk cut off anyway because it was ratting up so easy.


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i found this book for the girls…and it’s one of my new favorites to read to them:


making pizza with leila tonight (don’t you just love her face in the last pic?!):

001 002 003 005

the silly faces of libbs & leila:

011 012 013 014 015 016 017

craft projects:

004 just starting a new project for myself…trying to do different and a little more complicated things so i can learn more!

009  more baby bonnets for precious babes of special friends.

002 pointed hats for our nieces for Christmas

011capes for our nephews for Christmas

other random pics from the last couple of weeks:

002 bunk bed forts

004 3 beauties in the tub


026 fun cardboard house i scored for $5!


030 love the flannel shirts on the girls!

034 036 037

038 snuggles from a teething baby

008 new year’s day nap

012 this girl LOVES the magnadoodle!

006 jonathan’s friend bryce came to visit for a night, but then his semi broke down and he ended up staying 4 nights :).

i’ve made it a goal this year to read through the entire Bible.  so far so good, and i’m really enjoying it.

blessings to you!

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