Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lots of smiles (& pics, too!)

1. God’s Word.  especially loving this today: “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  -James 4:7-8

doesn’t it bring such a peace & comfort to know that when you draw near to God, he also draws near to you?!  and i don’t know about you, but i love that it says, “resist the devil and he WILL flee from you.” not he might, but he WILL.  so thankful i have the Lord on my side to help me resist the enemy!!

2. this cutie patootie who decided on her own that it would be fun to hang a spoon on her nose :)


3. dominoes fun!


4. this cute letter my 5 year old nephew daniel wrote to liberty a couple weeks ago…precious!


5. you can never have enough sleeping pictures of your kiddos…and i know i have tons of leila b/c she is always falling asleep in the most random places (notice the piece of cereal in her mouth when wearing the purple & pink shirt??). the last pic is nadia.

007 008 025 002

6. i finished knitting the cabled fingerless gloves.  they turned out to be too big for me, so i sent them to my mom for her birthday :) 

009 011

7. valentine’s puppies from great grandma (my dad’s mom)


8.  liberty fixing her own hair…and dressing herself (and yes, we did go out in public like that :)

003 004 055

9. celebrating 7 years of marriage to my hubby :)


10. celebrating 2 years of our precious, spunky girl nadia

11. reading this quote from bebo norman’s webpage, “But as I struggle to feel adequate enough to even approach Him, in some miraculous way I’m reminded that the God of the universe thinks my prayers are nothing less than stunning—simply because I am His.”  great reminder!!

12. friends.

13. bones…and the body.  liberty has been obsessed with bones and learning about the body lately.  she tells everyone she sees all she knows about bones and the body.  we got this book about the body from the library and she reads it every day. 


14. new yarn for new projects!  the pink yarn is for another pair of cabled fingerless gloves for myself :).  the brown yarn is for a cardigan for myself (as long as it fits me…i am following some size modifications and using a smaller needle and hoping it turns out ok!).

002 003 004 010

15. a pointy elf hat for liberty

008 009

16. making chocolate heart-shaped cookies for valentine’s day (leila was the only one who wanted to help!)

016 017

17. heart-shaped sandwiches for valentine’s day lunch

013 014 015

18. weather warm enough to play outside in :)

023 025 026 032 022

19. wyoming winters…they may be cold and windy, but they are mostly sunny…and we all know sunny days help you get through the winter and being stuck inside so much!!

027 035

20. the view from my backyard…beautiful!

018 028 029

21.  doggie doors…hahaha!

036 037

22. a couple more verses that have touched me recently:

“I will rejoice and be glad in Your lovingkindness, becasue You have seen my affliction; You have known the troubles of my soul, and You have have not given me over into the hand of the enemy; You have sent my feet in a large place.”  Psa. 31:7-8

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord, and He delights in his way. When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong, because the Lord is the One who holds his hand.” Psa. 37:23-24

so so thankful for God and his presence in my life…thankful for His Word…thankful for His blessings…and even trying to be thankful for the trials in life :)


Amanda said... great to see (and read) your smiles. happy belated anniversary...and, i too could go out today and take a flip flops in the snow pic. 60 degrees...but still a layer of snow on much of the yard!

kristin noel said...

I love your smile posts. They help me count all the smiles in my life. And those verses... well, I'm thinking I need chalk boards throughout my house to write verses on as reminders during the day.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Love that you have so many smiles in your life right now. Particularly love that many of your smiles are rooted in the scriptures. They bring a different kind of smile, don't they? :)

Indiana winters are dark and gray, so I am a little jealous of the sun and the mountains, I must admit! :)

We have that same body book that your girls are looking at. I bought it at a homeschooling convention last year and Lilla was just fascinated with it. She learned so much from it too, very cool!

Oh, and happy anniversary! We are about to celebrate our 7th too!

Leslie said...

THANK YOU for the comment you left on my blog today. that was kind.

CUTE CUTE CUTE family you have.

Leslie said...

hey again.

i do sell my photos. so far, i have only sold them as photo cards. i make greeting cards out of the prints. i sell them at a boutique around here.

thanks for asking.

you can email me if you have anymore questions:

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