Saturday, February 12, 2011


somehow this tiny babe (born 2-10-09)

nadia zenevieva nadia zenevieva 2

is now 2 years old!!!

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i’m always amazed at how much more quickly time passes with each child you have.

so…what is this 2 year old nadia like?  well, i think she is a good combination of her older sisters.  she has lots of energy and spunk (daddy likes to call her spunky), but can be laid back and cuddly.  she talks a lot…she spews out these little sentences that constantly surprise us.  she loves her big sisters.  she knows what she wants and she will do everything in her power to get it, much to the chagrin of her sisters!  she’s a busy little girl, but she still needs some “hold me” time every day.  she likes to be held in the mornings for a while before she’s off & running.  i adore this time.  she loves babies…dolls or real ones!  she’s such a good little “mama” to her babies.  she likes to watch “dora” (much to mama’s chagrin…i find that show annoying!).  she’s a thumb-sucker, which i find so cute!  she’s the best sleeper out of all 3 girls.  she smiles a lot.  she loves shoes.  she likes getting dressed.  she’s generally not super shy (once at story time at the library, she got up on the stage in the room and hid behind the curtain and jumped out over and over yelling “surprise!”).  she’s still quite clingy to me…i like to call her my little cling-on.  she still will sometimes hold her breath until she can’t catch it when she’s upset or gets hurt, causing her to pass out.  she’s always happy in the mornings when she gets up…telling us “good morning” when we walk into the room.  she still sleeps in a crib (if she’s not in the crib, she just won’t let herself go to sleep)…why ruin a good thing?!  she’s so sweet and loving.  she can have quite the temper at times.  she’s sitting right next time right now as i type, sharing my  blanket and leaning her little head on my arm…sucking away on her thumb.  oh how i love this little girl!  we love her dearly and are so happy and thankful for her life!

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nadia & i with the bear i made for her birthday


she got mrs. potato head from her sisters…she loves wearing the little glasses, haha!!

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kristin noel said...

Time really does fly by! The bear you made is so adorable. Your girls are quite lucky to have such a talented Mama.