Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It’s a BOY!



Our baby boy!!

Jethro Boy

Can you tell it’s a boy?

Jethro Boy2-001

here’s another look…

I am still in shock that this baby is a boy. What an exciting change for our family.

Our son’s name is Jethro Allen. The name has a lot of meaning for us. Jethro means “abundant” and is also a character on our favorite show that my dad got us hooked on (NCIS), and Allen means “little rock” or “precious,” and was my dad’s middle name. Lots of great meaning for us.


Kristin Runyon said...

Rebecca, so exciting! I knew this one was going to be a boy. :-) I love when names have such meaning behind them. If we ever have a second, it has to be a boy because we don't have any girl names. So excited for this new little one!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY I get some nephews up in here! LOL But I do love all my nieces to pieces...and no that rhyme was not intentional. LoL

Rebecca said...

haha, bekah! i am still in disbelief, lol! i keep looking at the ultrasound photos again :)

Christene said...

Just catching up--congratulations!!! Wishing you all the very best of things in 2012.

Christene :)