Saturday, December 10, 2011

A little crafting…

I am making my girls’ Christmas gifts this year. Liberty has been begging me to make her a purple cape with a pink L for at least a year…so, I made one for Christmas. Of course I couldn’t leave out Leila & Nadia, so they are getting pink capes with a purple L and N, respectively.


Next on the list are fabric dolls from a Michael Miller panel. The panel has 3 dolls, perfect for my girls. And I plan to make each doll 3 dresses (oh I hope that goes well…no pattern for the dresses, gotta’ figure it out myself!).

I’m also working on a baby gift for my sister-in-law…she’s just a few weeks ahead of me in pregnancy.

And a few pics of my girlies just for fun…

my precious girlies playing in cowboy boots


snuggles with my Nada (nope not mis-typed…it’s a nickname :)


Libbs giving Daddy a massage…such a sweetie


Nadia & Libbs playing in the snow


Daddy dancing with Leila & Nadia


Oh yeah…ultrasound date is December 20th…any guesses???


Anonymous said...

I love those capes! I have capes on the list for my kiddos this year, too. I found the cutest tutorial on Pinterest... I am not a crafty sewer like you, so I have to rely on cutting and glue! hehe

I can't want to hear the gender!

kristin noel said...

You are so resourceful! The girls will love those capes! I can't wait to see pictures of the dolls.