Friday, January 6, 2012

I miss him…

I am really missing my Dad right now. Well, I miss him every day, but I’m missing him even more right now. Probably because the holidays just passed, a friend of mine just lost her dad, and my dad’s birthday is this month. I’m also feeling kind of sad that I’m having this new baby and he isn’t around for me to share it with.

He used to call me just about every day…even when we lived in the same town. He used to stay on the phone for a very long time…sometimes talking, sometimes watching TV or dozing off. He loved when I told him stories about the girls…everything they did just tickled him. It was always hard for me to end the phone call, so I usually waited for him to do it (unless I absolutely had to). He used to off-key, made up songs to his grandchildren. His legs/knees gave him a lot of pain, but he would give rides to my girls and my nephews on his legs over and over and over. I have no idea how he could stand it, but almost never told them no when they wanted a leg ride.

When my sister and I were little, he would play all kinds of things with us. He would build snowmen in the winter. He took us on bike rides. He let us play with his hair when it was a little longer…we would put all kinds of pony tails and barrettes in it…I have a picture that I will share below. He wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t always easy to be around, I didn’t always like him…but I sure loved him. He was a great Dad. I will always love him.

I will always miss him.

ash dad goofy mac

this is a pic of my sister and my dad from Mackinac Island…I think in 1997…they are both goofy :)

ash dad me mac

Ashlee, Dad, Me (also Mackinac Island in 97)

dad hair back

After Ashlee and I fixed Dad’s hair…hahaha! From some time in the late 80’s.

dad hair front

The front view. We had a lot of fun.

dad mom me

My Dad, Mom and I…

Poppo & Girls

I’ve shared this one before…it’s the last picture I took of my Dad with all 3 of my girls…November 2009.

my daddio & i

Another one I’ve shared. The last pic I have of my Dad and I. This was on my birthday in 2010…right before we moved and 2 months before my dad died. I’m so thankful I tend to take a lot of pictures…

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Kristin Runyon said...

Rebecca, I think the Lord was moving in our spirits over the last few days. You and your heartache have been in my thoughts and part of my prayer life lately. Your dad sounds like such a fun guy. That hair styling is something else! I'm so thankful you have such wonderful memories to pass down to your girls and Jethro Allen.