Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sick Days

The girls and I don’t get sick very often…even from colds. I’m not sure why, but I’m thankful. On Friday afternoon Nadia started to have a cough. By Friday night she had a mild fever and was very sleepy. She slept about 14 hours that night. Saturday she was up feeling mostly better, but still had the cough and a clear runny nose. Sunday morning I decided to leave her home from church because I wasn’t sure how everyone in the nursery felt about kids coming with colds. She slept from 9am when I left, and was still asleep at noon when I got home. Sunday was spent watching football and getting Jonathan ready to leave for his new job training the next morning.

Early Monday morning we left for Cheyenne to drop Jonathan off at the airport. Nadia still had a cough and her runny nose was now green. Liberty started to get a cough, too. After we dropped Jonathan off we stopped in Laramie to go to a Walmart and then headed home. We were wiped out and spent the rest of the day lounging. Leila started to get a deep cough that afternoon/evening. The next morning, Tuesday, all 3 girls had fevers and I was out of Ibuprofen. Leila’s cough sounded like a seal bark and I was concerned about her having croup. Nadia and Liberty seemed pretty good by the afternoon…just normal cold stuff. Leila just kept getting worse. She was lethargic, tired, and miserable looking. Her fever kept getting higher and I tried all the home remedies I could think of, but they were not bringing down her fever. She was burning up. I had no ibuprofen and I had also run out of toilet paper. A friend bought us chicken noodle soup for dinner. Super thankful for that.

Not long after that, another sweet friend came over with children’s advil, toilet paper, sprite and cookies. When she found out we don’t have a humidifier she left to get one of those for us and some puffs. I cannot tell you how blessed I felt in that moment. I was exhausted and worried about Leila. I couldn’t get her to drink anything and couldn’t get her fever to go down. It just felt good to know I had some support while my husband is away. So so thankful.

I had Leila sleep with me because of her high fever and labored breathing. We spent some time in the steamy bathroom, I gave her some advil, and loved on her. We fought that darn fever all night…this morning it had finally come down to 99.7, the lowest it had been in about 20 hours (most of the evening/night it was in the 103’s). This afternoon, it is slowly rising again…so we are fighting that some more. Her breathing is better so I’m thankful for that. I just feel so bad for my baby girl…I want to take away her pain and sickness.

So…we’re exhausted here. Thankful for dear friends who were the hands and feet of Jesus to us…and praying for health to return. Hope you’re all doing well!


Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful that you guys have found some wonderful and loving friends!

Beck Gambill said...

Oh no, it's miserable to have such a sick little one. I hope she's feeling better soon. How sweet that you have friends so willing to care for you, that's a blessing indeed!