Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jethro’s Birth Story

Jethro Allen was born as planned at home on May 15, 2012 at 5:16am. This is the story of his birth, for those interested : ).

here I am the day I went into labor (40wks 4days)

On Monday, May 14th, Jethro still hadn’t arrived. I was hoping he would come before my inlaw’s arrived late the night of the 15th. I was 40 weeks & 4 days pregnant on the 14th. I had been having contractions on and off for a couple of weeks at that point, but obviously they were not labor. I was feeling really great and happy on the 14th all day. It was sunny and warm like summer. We did some grocery shopping as a family to prepare for Jonathan’s parents, then we went home and played in the back yard. I picked up some bubbles for the girls, so we had some fun with those. Before dinner we decided to walk to the park and let the girls play. I ran into a friend and we chatted a bit and I talked about being ready for the baby to come. We went home after that and hand dinner and got the girls ready for bed and did some reading from the Bible. It was about 7pm at that point and I was having some contractions, but they were not consistent. We put the girls to bed and I sat on the couch wondering if the contractions were leading into labor, but not real confident they were since we had been teased so much (and all my girls arrived 7-8 days past due date). While sitting on the couch and chatting with a friend via text and facebook, my contractions did seem to be getting worse, but I was still unsure. Jonathan and I walked around our back yard together for a while, then I came in to rest again. Jonathan was sure I was in the beginning of labor. I still felt unsure. When it was getting close to 10pm we decided to call my friend to see what she thought about coming to get the girls for the night. I wasn’t sure if I was really in labor, but thought I could be, so she said she would come get them. The girls were still awake and when we told them they were going to Mrs. K’s house, they were excited. My friend came and prayed with us and took the girls off to her place. That must have been some stress off of me, because after that the contractions became even more regular and intense.

At this point, I called my doula (and friend) because I wasn’t sure when I needed her to come and when I should call the midwives. She told me she would come when I was ready for more help and we could decided about the midwives after that. I decided to just continue laboring with just Jonathan for a while and that was nice. Around midnight my contractions were at the point that I wanted some more help/support, so I asked my doula to come over. She was a great support and help. She was so encouraging and really kept me focused. I’m so thankful she was there and a part of Jethro’s birth story. I continued to labor by using the shower, walking around, and resting on the couch. I have to say, it was super nice to be in my own home! I think it was close to 3am (May 15) that I started to feel a ton of pressure and the need to maybe push (I was surprised and in denial that I was ready to push because this labor was progressing much faster than with my girls). I let my doula know and she checked me. I was at about 9cm and so she called the midwives. My bag of water hadn’t broken yet. My doula told me to push if it felt better to push, or whatever I needed to do. She got things ready for the possibility of delivering the baby herself since the midwives were 2 hours away. Pushing through my contractions felt best, so that is what I did. I tried lots of different positions, which I was glad about…I really didn’t want to just stay in bed or deliver in bed. My bag of water was thick and stubborn and would not break. I knew if it would just break, my son would come out. I pushed and pushed and pushed and I was in so much pain and so tired…I just wanted a break. My doula suggested getting in the shower, but when I got into the bathroom all I wanted to do was sit on the toilet…so I did. That gave me the break between contractions that I needed to rest, and I was able to push much better. It felt like forever, but finally the midwives arrived (yes, that means I was pushing and trying to get that bag of water to break for TWO hours!). I wanted them to break my bag of water. I moved back into my bedroom and onto a birthing chair (which was sort of like a toilet with an opening in the front to catch the baby). The midwives discussed whose hook to use to break my water, and then one when to get their’s. At that point I needed to push again…I gave a good push and my bag of water FINALLY broke on it’s own (the first time for that to ever happen)! I was so happy and hoped it wouldn’t take long for the baby to come out. It didn’t…in the next push Jethro’s head was out, and immediately after he was here! I was never so happy and relieved. It was so beautiful and worth every minute of that two hours of torture pushing trying to get that water to break. He was absolutely perfect. I guess when his head came out, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice and he was a little blue. While the midwife was getting the cord from around his neck, I pushed the rest of him out and the midwife didn’t have a chance to catch him, so he fell into the basin under the birthing chair. The Lord was surely watching over Jethro, because he was perfect…nothing wrong with him at all.


002Midwife Gail003004006

010Midwife Karen

011013Little blondie

Birthing at home was so amazing. My best and favorite birth experience by far! I’m so thankful for this experience. I still feel a little high from it all. I had my baby in my arms right away…I got to nurse him right away in the comfort of my own room and bed. The midwives didn’t take him from me until I was ready for them to check all of his stats. And I didn’t have to be in bed to deliver. It was so beautiful…

Jethro Allen weighed in at 8lbs 7oz and was 20.5inches long. I’m thankful to my husband, my doula, and my midwives for all of their support and encouragement and for being a part of this miracle we call Jethro.

And some pictures of the girls meeting Jethro for the first time:



Aimee McNew said...

Aww! I loved reading your birth story! I have always admired women who can be so relaxed about birth, and allow their bodies to do what they were created to do. :)

Unknown said...

Sweet Story! I hope that Hope arrival is as peaceful and easy. Although I don't think I want to push for 2 hours! Way to go! You are so strong! I had in 3 hours and only pushed for 20min. I am planning on not pushing at all and just letting my body be relaxed and do everything on its own! So exciting!!!! I love your story!

Candy Washburne said...

ahh!!! I absolutely LOVE THIS.