Tuesday, September 2, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

for those of you wondering, jonathan did make it safely to cali around 2am last night.  needless to say he was exhausted, but very happy to have finally made it!  thanks for your thoughts and prayers in this move.  now we are enjoying some time with the family, getting settled in, and job hunting. 

1.  making it safely to california.  check out the girls on the airplanes...the pics are kind of blurry, though.  the girls did really well considering we rode in FOUR airplanes!!

006 008 009

2.  seeing the family!!

3.  spending an afternoon at the river.  i have definitely missed this perk of living here in northern cali.  the smith river is the 2nd cleanest river in the united states.  liberty wouldn't wait for me to blow up her arm bands and ended up falling in the water before i could get to her.  that was pretty scary!!!  i had to dive in after her.  that scared her pretty bad and she would not get in the water after that.  hopefully next time we can get her in so she won't stay afraid of the water.  (leila is not pictured at the river b/c she slept through the whole thing!!)

012 013 014 016 017

4.  cousins.  liberty and leila are really enjoying their time with the cousins.  liberty especially is doing fantastic!  just being around family/people we know has helped her a ton.  like i said in the previous post, she's going to bed much better and minding better, too.  it's great!  she's so happy to have so many people around.  she's such a social butterfly and hasn't been shy at all.

018 019 037

5.  a whoopee cushion.  we were at bekah & jeremy's  (jonathan's sister and her hubby) for a labor day cookout and the kids were loving the whoopee cushion.  they all took turns pushing the air out to make the farting noises.  there was a lot of laughter going on there! 

028  029

6.  a labor day cookout.  speaking of going to bekah & jeremy's for labor day....it was a really great time.  there are 8 kids all together, so it was quite noisy and busy and wonderful! 

025 027 030 033

7.  a game of "apples to apples."  i actually own this game, but since we haven't lived near people we know in a while we haven't played.  i love this game and was so excited when jonathan's family played it on monday night.  it was fun!

8.  a sleeping liberty.  today as i was organizing our stuff i wondered where liberty was.  jonathan said he wasn't sure, but that she was being quiet.  i thought maybe she was tearing clothes out of the dresser drawers or something in our bedroom, but she was in the pack-n-play sound asleep.  i guess she was tired!


9.  dinosaur sounds.  jonathan's parents (poppy & gree to the girls) have a couple of dinosaur books that liberty is enjoying looking at and reading.  today when i was reading one of them to her she asked, "what sound does a dinosaur make?"  i said i didn't know and asked her.  she said, "mmm.  mmm.  mmm."  LOL!!  i have no idea where she got that from, but it's hilarious nonetheless! 

10.  this one i'll add again b/c it's so great.  seeing jonathan's family again.  it's so great to catch up with everyone...to see the kids and how much they have grown and changed since we last saw them...to see all the cousins playing together.  it does, however, make me miss my family...i can't wait until we can go visit them again!!  i love you guys!!


Amanda said...

so glad to hear you are safely there...and i can simply tell from this post that this move has already restored some of your joy...i can see the effects of being around family...of laughing, loving, and enjoying togetherness.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I'm glad everyone is there safe and sound and just enjoying the time. Lilla so enjoyed spending time with her cousins too. Really, just having kids around her age in general makes her a happy girl, she just seems to come alive in a way when there are kids around. Also, it's nice when they are playing so much, because they do tend to sleep better because they are tired!! Gotta love it!