Wednesday, September 10, 2008

13 Smile...Wednesday

I'm really not sure what happened to tuesday.  the day just seemed to slip away from me.  so here i am, trying to post my smiles before wednesday really gets started.  we've had a great week getting settled in, spending time with family, and just enjoying our days.

1.  liberty and gree making pizzas.  liberty was excited to help gree put our pizzas together, although libbs spent much of the time taste-testing the yummy sauce uncle josh made!


2.  leila's first corn-on-the-cob.  how can you not smile at this picture?!


3.  time with cousins.  both girls are really enjoying all the time they get with their cousins here on jonathan's side.  when they are all together they total 8 crazy kids! :)

246 247 249 284

4.  poppy's boots.  liberty has been having fun trying to wear poppy's work boots.  she gets them on, but then falls over whenever she tries to take a step, haha!


5.  brothers.  i know jonathan has been looking forward to some time spent with his brother josh.  they've been having a good time.  :)  and liberty is enjoying uncle josh as well!

254 253

6.  spending a little time at the beach/ocean.  liberty was sooo excited to see the ocean.  before we got here i thought we'd have to keep a close eye on her to keep her from running right into the water.  however, ever since she fell in the river she's been keeping a safe distance from the water...especially the intimidating ocean.

258 261 269 267 273

7.  11 months.  that's right, leila is 11 months old already!  i can't believe it's now less than a month from her first birthday!!!  where does that time go?!  she's got a new tooth on top, she's doing a great job standing on her own, and she's even taking 2-3 steps at a time now. 

262 263 264

8.  speaking of standing and step-taking, here are some pics of her proudly doing just that.  if i can figure out how to post a video on here, i have a cute one of her taking a step or two (and a cute one of libbs singing!).

276 278 280 282

9.  liberty hugs.  need i say more?


10.  liberty finally warming up to uncle jeremy.


11.  poppy and liberty.  so cute!


12.  getting the ball rolling for some pregnancy insurance and having an appointment set up.  it's actually some time down the road, so they are going to call me back with an earlier appointment being that i'm so far along in the pregnancy.

13.  and just for fun...and belly photo from the beach.  19 weeks along!!



The Kampers said...

I can't believe that you are 19 weeks already! Crazy! Looks like life is going well. I am glad you guys are happy. Any job yet?

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Whew, just about halfway there, good stuff!! Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl? Do you have a feeling either way?

Great list of smiles. It's so fun being the mommy and enjoying the journey!

Amanda said...

read this back on wed. and forgot to comment. LOVE that leila is taking steps...kate is taking her sweet time in that regard. and 19 weeks...that is can it be that time is flying by SO quickly!