Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday...plus 2

1.  liberty's new phrase.  "i love ____!"  she'll say it about pasta, nuggets, ice cream, coffee, or anything else she likes.  so cute!

2.  liberty's first real haircut.  she surprised me and did really well.  i had visions of trying to hold her down while she fought the haircut, but she actually sat still and just watched what the lady was doing.  she had about 2 inches cut off the back.

010 015 018 027

3.  leila kisses.  this girl loves to give kisses...especially to her daddy.  they have a special bond :).


4.  dinner at mark & sarah's house.  what could be better than homemade clam chowder, an eagles football game, and great fellowship?!  it was a great time!

5.  cousins reading together.  too cute.  the first pic is liberty, anna and zoe.  second pic is libbs and zoe.

002 003

6.  this pic of leila.  she was just too tired to eat at bekah & jeremy's house the other night.


7.  apples to apples.  this is a game i love, but never have anyone to play it with.  seems like every time we get the family together here we've been playing it....so fun!!!  (i may have mentioned this one in last week's smiles...it's just that fun!!)

8.  my little michigan girl.  we watched the michigan game on tv saturday and of course leila had to wear the michigan t-shirt i found her at goodwill a while back.


9.  leila's top teeth.  the first of leila's top two teeth has come through, and the second has finally started to poke through as well.


10.  lots of reading and knitting time lately.  definitely a huge smile! :)

11.  this pic of libbs and uncle josh.  i just thought it was such a sweet moment.


12.  daddy-daughter dates.  yesterday jonathan took libbs out for a daddy-daughter date.  they went to the park and got something to eat off the dollar menu at mcdonald's.  they both had a great time together.  i love that jonathan wants to do this with his girls.  so sweet!


Amanda said...

i LOVE apples to apples (and also SO rarely get to play!). definitely sounds like a great week. i know i've said it before, but i LOVE that your girls fall asleep in the most random of places...especially since mine never seem to do that! hooray for reading and knitting time...and daddy and daughter dates. aren't we blessed!

Kestner 11 Family said...

Sounds like you had a very great week. I am so happy for you to be surrounded by so many people you know again.
i hope this next week brings you lots more smiles too!!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

We got apples to apples as a wedding gift and have never played it...maybe we need to dig it out sometime!

The haircut looks so pretty! I need to take the peanut in sometime soon. I've been doing the cutting lately and it's just not right. Ah, poor kid! :)

Love the picture of your little one with her uncle...could it get anymore precious.

Oh, daddy daughter dates, isn't that the sweetest? Love it!!

Amanda said...

come by and enter my giveaway...

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, so much to smile about!