Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

well here it is tuesday again...where is the time going?  and it's Christmas week to boot!  i just looked through my pictures and realized i'd hardly taken any this week...but, i did finish making all of my christmas gifts with a couple days to spare! 

i hope you're all enjoying the holidays.  we're enjoying ours, although i must say i am really missing the snow back in michigan.  they've gotten quite a bit out there and i just want to go jump in and play!

1.  Christmas.  i just love this time of year...snow (although not for us this year), good food, family, friends, and of course the reminder of Jesus coming to earth and everything that entails. 

2.  finishing leila's rag quilt for her and her baby doll.

002 003

3.  finishing these black apple dolls for the girls for Christmas.  (the blond haired doll is for libbs, and the brown for leila-bear).


4.  attempting to teach a friend to knit yesterday and the good visit we shared.

5.  another good checkup for the baby and i.  i went in for my 34 week appointment yesterday...i measured 32 cm and nadia's heartbeat was in the 160's (which is high for her...she must have been doing a workout or something, ha!). 


6.  pigtails.  i cannot get enough of doing liberty's hair.  she's been letting me fix her hair a little more often these days and actually leaving it in for most of the day, which makes me so happy!  (it's the little things!)


7.  leila is finally sleeping better most nights (with the exception of some teething nights).  we are so relieved!

8.  speaking of teething, leila's 6th tooth has finally poked through!

9.  knitting.  oh how it relaxes me.  i'm really itching to start trying new things lately...maybe after i'm finished making a few things for nadia!  if anyone knows of a good, fairly easy christmas stocking pattern or a sweater pattern that's done mostly on circular needles (or any good beginner pattern), be sure to let me know please.

10.  my family.  my wonderful husband who strives every day to be a good hubby and daddy.  i'm so proud of him.  and of course my two beautiful girls who are always making us smile and laugh (in between trying times, of course!).  i love my family oh so much!

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Amanda said...

hooray for hearing nadia's heartbeat...and your projects coming together. love leila's rag quilt...libbers has one from a couple Christmases ago, but i haven't yet made one for kate. glad to hear leila is sleeping better. right now it is crazy weather here, from FREEZING cold to warm up to freezing rain..UGH! in fact mike is out right now with a tow truck trying to pull his car out of the ditch from his commute home from work...i'm just glad someone was kind even to bring him safely home!