Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What I've been up to...

i'm so sorry i haven't updated our blog for a while.  time is just getting away from me this month.  i am frantically trying to finish my christmas present projects BEFORE christmas.  i still have 8 things to start/finish.  yikes!!!!  so, i have been avoiding the computer in order to make myself work on projects during most of my free time.  we're doing well here, just keeping busy.  instead of writing out some smiles, i'm just going to post some pictures.  amanda, the sleeping pictures are just for you!  :)


liberty on the phone with her cousin daniel in michigan


yep, they fell asleep on the floor together 


we're wearing our pirate mustaches at jackson's 5th bday pirate party


liberty playing a game at jackson's bday party


liam driving liberty around (and so it begins....)


my little pirate


reaghan & leila


early christmas presents from great grandma & papa


yes, she fell asleep across the stools...


my sweet girlies


our flexible niece anna

017 018

liberty's rag quilt & matching doll quilt

019 020

pigtailed girls!  (and libbs actually kept them in all day!)

022 023

yes, she really did fall asleep in the chair like this!!

024 026

little michigan girl


The Kampers said...

I was wondering where you were hiding! Hope you get all those projects done!

Amanda said...

i completely understand the rush to finish Christmas stuff before Christmas! (and yet i keep thinking of MORE things i want to do--UGH!)...apparently i need a lesson in simplicity! you know i LOVE the pictures of your sleep-all-over the house girls...LOVE it! sometimes wish mine would fall asleep in the midst of the chaos of our house...i feel like i could some days!