Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 Smile Wednesday

yesterday morning i woke up and knew it was tuesday and that i needed to blog.  i even wrote down my smiles on a piece of paper and downloaded my new pictures.  the next thing i knew, i was going to bed and realized i still hadn't posted my smiles.  oops!  so here i am on wednesday with my smiles and LOTS of pictures.

1.  thanksgiving.  we had a fun time hanging out at jonathan's sister sarah's house and eating yummy food.

008 016 009 019 011 022

2.  packages in the mail.  always a fun thing.  we received two packages from my mom this week with random goodies plus late bday gifts for leila from her and my sister. 

025 026 003 004

3.  a family day.  on jonathan's day off monday we spent the day together with just the 4 of us.  we took the girls to the park, had lunch, rented a movie and just chilled at home together.  it was a really nice day.

006 009 010 011 013 014

4.  beach time.  last week we took the girls to the beach.  liberty loves to play in the sand.  and she's still scared of the water.  we're hoping for another nice day soon to go again.

031 032 044 048 049 050 051

5.  the reason for the above smile is because i wanted to get a one year picture of leila.  we came out with two that we love.  what do you think?

037 039

6.  a scrap piece of fabric + a silly family = lots of laughter. 

019 020 021 023 029

7.  making more headway on christmas gifts.  i finished another knitted gift this week and got a great start on another.  i also cut all the squares for liberty's rag quilt and started sewing some of them (we choose the ladybug fabric b/c "ladybug" is what jonathan calls liberty).  i'm feeling like MAYBE i will be able to finish before christmas.  i still have quite a bit to do, though.  a rag quilt for leila, black apple dolls for the girls, and 5 more niece/nephew gifts.  hmm...


8.  31 weeks of pregnancy and counting...


9.  this picture of liberty.  she decided she wanted to pick out her own clothes and dress herself.  interesting combination, eh?  she was so proud of herself!


10.  braids.  the other day liberty actually let me put a couple braids in her hair.  she looked sooooooo adorable, too bad she only kept them in for about 15 minutes :(.

023 024

11.  and one more smile for good measure.  yesterday leila started saying "woof" when asked what a dog says.  it's the cutest thing!!

046 054

and a couple extra pics for good measure...i'm not sure why libbs looks so frightened in the 2nd picture, but i thought it was a funny face.

015 016



Liz said...

what sweet pictures of your girls! I love the first "portrait" of Leila--what personality! :)

Amanda said...

such sweetness. in the first set of pictures i kept thinking, boy liberty doesn't look like she usually took me awhile to figure out it was leila! she is getting SO big...oh my! love both of the one year pics you snapped of leila...adorable! oh how i wish we were fam would so love gaming and parking and beaching and hanging with you all. maybe someday!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Wow, what a bunch of wonderful pics you got this week. And, the one year pictures? Oh my gosh, I am absolutely in love with them!! I am so jealous you are that near a beach to take pictures like that...the "beach" in Indiana does not really compare, if you know what I mean!

How fantastic that you got so much family time this week. It looks like you are all having a great time just being lovely!!

Heather said...

Oooohh my goodness I have been remiss in checking your blog!!! Your girls are so adorable and grown up! I cannot believe it! You are in my thoughts FAR more often than I keep up with blogging, just so you know! I'm glad it looks like you all are doing well! Miss you all! Love the name you picked out!