Thursday, January 8, 2009

The new doo, a few pics, and other things...

well, i had my first haircut in over a year today!  i feel much lighter now.  so i wanted to share a pic of the new doo.  will it look like this every day?  probably not, since the lady who cut my hair also styled it, but it's fun to hope i can keep it up! :)


it's less than four weeks now until my due date and i'm getting so anxious for nadia's arrival!  starting today we are going to be house sitting for jonathan's mamaw...we'll be there for a month.  i'm not sure how often we'll be online as we'll only have dial-up internet while there. 

and just for fun, some new random pictures...

001 002

006 008

010 011

012 013

the pictures left to right, top to bottom:  jonathan playing dollhouse with liberty (what a great daddy!); liberty & leila playing nicely together; leila thinks she's so funny when she walks around with the bucket on her head; liberty when she was sick with croup (poor baby!); the girls opening their christmas gifts from aunt ashlee, uncle dan, daniel & sidney; liberty w/ her first barbie doll; leila with her new toys; aunt sarah reading to the kids.

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