Saturday, January 3, 2009

who knew?! and other random things.

hello there.  the other night we were on our way to bed and liberty said she had to go potty.  i didn't really believe her b/c i thought she was stalling the bedtime process, but i took her anyway.  she said on the potty for a while and did nothing, which irritated me.  and then she pooped.  a lot.  on the potty.  who knew you could get so excited about pooping on the potty?!  so i just had to share.  she hasn't done it since, but i'm so excited for the big step she made!  and i have to share something kind of funny she did afterward.  she got off the potty and looked inside.  she said, "mama, i want to see the poop."  i told her it was kind of hidden in the toilet paper now, so let's flush it.  she kept looking in the toilet and finally said, "oh wow!  that's cooool!!"  oh my...she is a funny one!

in other news, the girls have been sick with a cold for about a week.  leila's seems to be making it's way out of her system, but liberty's got really bad last night.  her cough was so deep, she was horse, and she had fever.  and was so lethargic.  i called the doctor this morning and they got her in (thankfully they by-passed the "new patient visit" and let her have a sick visit first).  the doctor thinks she has croup.  he put her on an antibiotic, a baby steroid (to reduce the swelling in her wind pipes and voice box...), and then eye drops b/c she has a goopy eye.  poor baby!  hopefully the meds will help this weekend and she'll be good as new next week. 

also, a week from thursday jonathan's mamaw is going out of town to visit her sisters and other family.  she plans to be gone for a month and wants us to house sit at her place.  so jonathan, the girls and i will be living at her place during that time.  it will be nice to have some time to ourselves and for jonathan's parents to have a break from us!  i'm not sure how often we'll be online there...we may get dial-up service for the month, but you know how that is these days! 

anyway...liberty can't sleep so i'm up late rambling in a blog.  i've got a sore throat and my body is starting to get achy, so i guess i'm finally catching the cold that's been going around.  ugh!

oh yes...we are on a few waiting lists for places to live, so please be praying with us that God will open doors for us to get into our own place asap!  thanks so much for your support!

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I hope for you that potty training goes very quickly and easily. It has been a bit of a pain the keester for us. Lilla does it long as she's not wearing pants. Which is clearly quite effective when we are out in public the library!! Oh my, she is such a pill!

I hope you guys are able to find the perfect place to live very quickly. It is really something to have a place to call all your own!

Here's to a new year filled with a lot of something wonderfuls!