Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An update & some smiles

well, i'm now less than two weeks from my due date...and SO READY for this baby to come. i'm not really that uncomfortable (for the most part), i'm just ready to meet this precious new girl of ours. my next appointment is tomorrow and i will see another doctor just in case he is on call when i go into labor.

we've been enjoying some weird summer-like weather here for the past couple of weeks. usually in this part of cali it's cold and rainy all winter long, so 60's and 70's temps are strange. of course we are taking advantage of these warm temps and have been going on lots of walks, trips to the beach, and to the park.

a few recent smiles from us...
*the movie "get smart." have you seen it? it's just so funny. and the funniest part for us is that liberty loves watching this movie over and over. she picks it over princess and train movies. and she actually sits through the entire movie. and she knows the characters. she's so funny!
*when i vacuum the floor, leila dances to the noise of the vacuum. i have no idea why she does this, but it makes me giggle every time!
*fun times at the beach.
*j-muffins (my hubby's version of egg mcmuffin's). yummy!
*finishing nadia's hat. now i'm craving a new knitting project...you know, something i've never done before. maybe a sweater...maybe a different kind of hat...i don't know.
*almost finish my first ring sling. i had one completed yesterday, but realized the rings were too small for the fabric, so i made another one...just have to attach the rings. i'm so excited!
*my wonderful hubby...bless him for putting up with my INSANE emotions lately. seriously, i don't remember being this way at the end of my other pregnancies, but this time around i am a wreck (crying over EVERYthing, etc).
*leila's grins.
*a prom-themed girls night last week. it was fun to get all dressed up and hang out for a few hours and eat some yummy food.

i guess that's about all for now. yesterday we hiked to endert's beach (1/2 mile one way). that was a lot of fun. liberty walked almost the entire time. and she wanted to climb the mountains and rocks (she she tried it a bit, too!). she's so adventuresome. leila enjoyed walking a good bit of the trail as well. we had a really nice time. although, i am SO SORE today from all the walking (up and down hill, etc).

we'll be sure to keep you posted on baby news :)


The Kampers said...

have you ever tried cable knitting? I am working on my first project of that...a scarf, and it's way fun! And I thought it would be really hard, but not too bad

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Two weeks? Where does the time go? I can't wait to "meet" your little Nadia too!

Oh, the dancing to the vacuum is so cute! Love it!

Take care of yourself and get some rest...so jealous of that beach!