Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10+ Smile Tuesday

i know i have been so horrible about keeping up this blog…but it just seems like time just gets away from me.  and we’ve been so busy.  almost every weekend there is something going on.  anyway.  i’ve got lots of smiles to share and pictures too, of course!

1.  seeing lots and lots of some of my closest friends from college last weekend (not this past weekend).  we went down to aaron & maria’s for a shindig.  it was so much fun and so great to see everyone again.

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2.  church this past saturday was a good service, including foot washing.  it was a very humbling experience. 

3.  after church some people invited us to a picnic and walk at a local nature reserve.  it was a really nice time of fellowship and getting to know these people.  and good memories for me since i used to go there on field trips in elementary school. 

4.  and that same day we had a cookout at my mom’s since it was the 4th july.  we had a full, fun day.  my mom’s fiancé’ cooked out on the grill and we all hung out and enjoyed the evening together. 

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5.  the funny things kids say.  take liberty, for instance.  the other night jonathan took her to the bathroom (after she had pooped in her underwear – AGAIN) and she told him that she was upset at him (not sure why).  he tried to talk to her about it and she said, “i’m very tired, just never mind.  never mind.”

6.  getting in quite a bit of knitting/crafting time.  i’m definitely enjoying this. 

7.  leila praying.  every night when we put the girls to bed we pray with them.  lately liberty has been saying a prayer, too.  well the other night we got done praying and i had to take liberty to the potty.  leila kept saying something over and over and we couldn’t figure out what she was saying.  finally jonathan figured out she was saying “Jesus,” so he asked her if she wanted to pray and she said, “yeah” in her quick whispered sort of way.  so he told her to go ahead and she did.  she said, “Jesus, amen!”  it was so cute and she was so proud of herself.

8.  clothes hung out on the line to dry.  (although the mosquitoes are so bad this year that i about got eaten alive trying to hang them all!  thanks to my hubby for retrieving them at the end of the day :).

9.  homemade nursing pads.  why didn’t i think of this a few years ago?  they are really easy to make and super cheap.  i paid about a dollar to make 4 sets.  all you need it some flannel.  you trace a cd or dvd for your circle shape.  layer four circles.  serge the edges (or if you’re like me and don’t own a serger, zig-zag stitch around the stack of circles).  and there you have it, reusuable, homemade nursing pads!

10.  a bridal shower…this last weekend.  it was for my cousin’s fiancée.  i was able to see lots of family i hadn’t seen in a long time and it was a lot of fun.  plus i hadn’t met my cousin’s fiancée yet, so i finally go to meet her, too. 

11.  jonathan has started going back to school.  i’m so very proud of him.  he started last week.  it’s going to be a busy time for him working, going to school and of course family time, but i know he can do it and i support him 100%!  he’s planning to get a bachelor’s of art in history (his forte’). 

12.  the girls’ sabbath school class.  i went with them to their class this past weekend because i am trying to get leila used to it (she has just been screaming and crying the entire time wanting to be with me or daddy).  the lady who teaches the class is so wonderful with the kids.  and the kids (including mine) all really enjoyed learning more about Jesus.

13.  bubbles.  seriously, they can keep my kids entertained for hours (well, as long as they don’t spill them everywhere first!).  and they get so excited to see those bubbles floating around.

14.  spending the night at memaw’s house.  last weekend liberty spent the night at my mom’s house and boy did she ever have a good time.  she’s still chatting about how much fun she had and when she can do it again.

15.  playing in the rain.  last week liberty and leila snuck outside and we found them playing in the rain.  and we let them continue playing in the rain.  there were so many giggles and smiles…it was great! (and yes, libbs did venture outside w/o pants on!)

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16.  my bff angela.  we’ve been friends for…oh about 11 or 12 years now i think.  she’s always been there for me, and i hope i’ve done the same for her.  through all of life’s ups and downs these past years, between moves close and far away, we’ve stayed so close and i’m so thankful for her friendship.

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17.  my hubby.  i love him and am so proud of him.  and even though i know i don’t show it nearly enough, i respect him for all he is and all he does.  he works so hard for us…working a job, going to school, taking care of things around my dad’s house, loving on our girls, leading us spiritually, loving on me.  oh how i love him!  thanks, jonathan…i hope you know how respected and loved you are!

and a couple extra pictures of my girls, just for fun!

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Amanda said...

love this...love all the pictures! looks like your week(s) have been full of smiles and friends and family...and so glad you are getting a bit of crafting time here and there!