Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Smile Tuesday

1.  libbs and magnadoodles.  this girl LOVES to draw on the magnadoodle…and she’s getting so good at drawing stick people.  she amazes me.

Rebecca's Pics 434

2.  an afternoon in frankenmuth.  on friday we (the girls and i) went up to frankenmuth with my mom, my sister and my nephews to spend the afternoon at the park with my gram.  we had such a great time visiting and playing.

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3.  nadia’s first swing ride (which she had at the park in frankenmuth).  at first she was scared, as you can see from the picture, but then she seemed to like it.

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4.  trying to get a pic of all 5 kiddies.  definitely something that’s hard to accomplish, but it was fun to try.

Rebecca's Pics 465

5.  a trip to the library.  jonathan and i decided to brave a trip to the library with the 3 girls.  they did well.  jonathan and i were able to scour the books for a bit and we picked up some books for the girls as well.  they love having some new stories to read.

Rebecca's Pics 483

6.  rocking with memaw.  the girls and i hung out at my mom’s for a few hours the other day and nadia was soooo cranky.  memaw rocked her and i thought it was so sweet. 

Rebecca's Pics 484

7.  nadia had her first hair trimming.  the front of her hair seems to naturally hang nicely across her forehead, but her hair was starting to hang in her eyes.  i’ve tried brushing it to the side, but it falls back down every time.  i can’t believe she already needed a trimming at not quite 6 months.  and it makes her look a little bit older (sniff, sniff). 

Rebecca's Pics 485

8.  jonathan got his first graded essay back this week and got a perfect score!  i’m so proud of him and how hard he’s working on his schooling.

9.  edy’s swiss orange sherbet.  oh my, this is sooo good!  it’s orange sherbet with dark chocolate square pieces in it.  just the right amount of sweet and chocolate…yum!

10.  my little dinner helper leila.  she helped me put together a casserole this week and just loved it!  and the casserole was so much taster knowing those sweet little hands helped make it.

Rebecca's Pics 436

11.  and a bonus smile…2 good nights of sleep this week.  (meaning the kids went down good and we weren’t woke up much…sharing a room with all 3 of your children is definitely not an ideal way to sleep!).

12.  oh yes, and i can’t forget teaching liberty and daniel how to roll down hills like a log.  i remember rolling down hills as a kid and having sooo much fun.  it’d been years since i’d done that.  it was fun, but i was nauseous when we were finished.  libbs and daniel had fun.  although they looked more like they were tumbling down the hill rather than rolling.  liberty wanted to do it over and over and over again!

Rebecca's Pics 473


Amanda said...

i love the "routine-ness" of your smiles...not saying your life is boring, just saying that i love that you can find the smiles in all the little day to day stuff. i feel like lately i am struggling with that...i just feel irritable-ugh! love the pic of miss nadia's new do...and, oh my, you are right...she is looking SO too big!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I cannot believe that Nadia already needed her first haircut! That is just crazy. Lilla just got her first real haircut and she's 3 1/2! Anna is still as bald as ever. It's hilarious! And her hair is so blonde, it really does look like she's totally bald.

I'm glad you could teach your kids the rolling down the hill gig. I used to love that as a child too!

Isn't the library great? We love to do storytime and pick out all kinds of books and then read them 100 times. Good stuff!

Keep smiling Rebecca!