Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10+ Smile Tuesday

1.  plans are in the works to be in our own place again in early august.  we’re so excited about that!  we are thankful to my dad for putting up with us all this time, but ready to be just the 5 of us again.

2.  jonathan starts a new job next week.

3.  a quick trip to fenton last week so jonathan could apply for a job.  the smile part is that my best friend angela lives there and we were able to meet up with her for a short time.  we took a walk around fenton and then let the kids play at the park.

Rebecca's Pics 381 Rebecca's Pics 380 Rebecca's Pics 387

4.  seeing more college friends on saturday at a baby shower (there are so many of these this summer!!).  i didn’t have my camera, so no pictures right now.

5.  sharing the love of creme stick donuts.  my dad got me into these, and now he’s passing on the love to my girls.  gotta’ love a gooey, messy, yummy donut!

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6.  rhubarb cake.  YUM!

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7.  playing with water.  the other day the girls were antsy and looking for something to do, so i got out a tupperware container and some plastic dishes.  i filled the container with water, put it in the grass, and the girls played with that for about an hour.  love that kind of fun entertainment!

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8.  hanging out with my sister and our kiddos for a few hours.  we let the kids play in a little pool for a bit.  nadia did not like the cold water.  then back inside because it was soooo hot.  the kids played and the moms went bowling on the wii.

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9.  a daddy-daughters date up to frankenmuth.  while i was at the baby shower on saturday, jonathan took liberty and leila up to frankenmuth to walk around.  and kudos to him because he didn’t even use a stroller!

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10.  this pic of our nephew sidney in liberty’s girly sandals.  my dad was babysitting daniel and sidney and all the kids were outside playing.  next thing we know, sidney comes in the house wearing liberty’s sandals, and liberty comes in wearing sidney’s crocs.  i know it was liberty who made the exchange. 

Rebecca's Pics 388

11.  nadia can sit up for good chunks of time (30 seconds-a minute or so) on her own when you put her in the sitting position.  i got her sitting up, and one in mid-fall.  i can’t believe how much she is growing.  she’s 5 months old now. 

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12.  a new pic of hubby and i just because we haven’t had one lately. :)

Rebecca's Pics 386

oh yes, i have to put in this picture as well.  yesterday liberty decided that she should try to shave her face like daddy does.  thankfully she didn’t do much damage, but she did get a small cut on the top of her lip.

Rebecca's Pics 422

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Amanda said...

love all of these smiles...and oh my, libs little "shaved" lip...oh dear! sounds like something that would happen around here! :) the girls are looking so stinkin' cute...and yeah for getting into your own place soon and trips to see your bf...lovely, lovely, lovely!