Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 Smile Tuesday

1.  finally finding my camera dock/charger (i found it at my dad's house).  hooray!  i can finally take pictures again!  and just for fun i took these pictures of the girls...aren't they beautiful?!

012 014 024

2.  homemade baby food.  yum.  actually, nadia seems to eat it much better than the store bought stuff.  the food in this particular picture is squash fresh from the garden (a friend's garden). 


3.  finishing a knitted hat for nadia for the coming winter.  it's a tad big on her, but doesn't she look cute in it?  i love this hat pattern.

009 007 008

4.  starting a new knitting project.  this one makes me smile because i finally found the courage to try cable knitting, which i always thought would be so complicated.  however, i've been pleasantly surprised with how easy it's been.


5.  this picture of leila and i sleeping on the couch (definitely not the best picture of me...but leila's cute!).  jonathan snuck this picture the other morning.  leila has been having trouble sleeping lately (teething, i think) and on this particular morning she woke up at 5:30am so i decided to just lay on the couch with her.  gotta' enjoy all the snuggle time i can before they grow up and don't want it anymore!


6.  nadia is 7 months now.  crazy, eh?!  and she's so so active.  she crawls around everywhere and is into everything.  and she pulls herself up on things.  it just blows my mind how fast she is doing everything.  i keep telling her to slow down, but she just doesn't listen.  she's a mama's girl for sure right now...not going to complain about that :).

004 015 017

7.  the start of a new football season.  so much fun to watch football with my hubby.  he LOVES football...and now that the new season has started he's like a kid in a candy store.  i love him!  so of course we kicked off the season with some yummy sub sandwiches.

026 027

8.  this cute little knitted outfit.  my gram knit it as a snow suit for my mom's baby doll when she was a little girl.  there's actually a picture of me as a baby wearing the outfit floating around somewhere.  my mom recently found the outfit so of course i had to put it on nadia and take some pictures (and she's sitting in the rocking chair that was mine when i was a little girl!).  isn't it fun?!  and can you imagine knitting (or even sewing) clothes for your kids' dolls?!  i have a hard time finding time to craft at all right now, let alone make things for my girls' dolls!  i love it!

028 029 030 031

9.  memaw and nadia


10.  this is a picture of a beautiful hand-carved lighthouse jonathan's parents had made for us (if you know me, you know i love lighthouses...and we try to decorate our living room area with lighthouses and boats).  we usually turn it on every night so there's a little light to see our way around.  i love this lighthouse.  and the shining light is a reminder to me of the true Light of the world.  "Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, 'I am the Light of the world; he who follows ME will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.'" John 8:12



Amanda said...

i just can't get over how much your girls look alike...and their little bangs remind me of my sister and my hair when we were little. they are so precious! and oh how i love that hat you made nadia...any chance you would be willing to share the pattern... :) (since i will have sooo much time for knitting this fall..HA!)...i simply love peeking into your week. hope everything is getting more and more settled every day and that leila starts sleeping better. and now i better go share my smiles while the girls are all sleeping/resting.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Holy cow, where did Nadia get all that hair from? That is absolutely crazy!! Anna still has only a few wisps, I have hopes it will grow...I think I can, I think I can. :)

I am really impressed you even found the time to knit the hat, it is so cute! Love it! It must be so fun to be able to do that kind of thing for your children, I wish I had the ability, a great gift indeed!

Glad you found your camera, that would be devestating for me! Got to get those pictures in!

Have a great week Rebecca!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

super cute beanie!!! i never got past the scarf phase of knitting before I gave up, much less the fancy hat phase. love it!!!