Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten Smile Tuesday

1.  a trip to the park to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.

008 011

2.  a couple of new recipes i tried recently that were oh so yummy.  spaghetti squash primavera (pictured) and manicotti w/ eggplant sauce (sorry, no picture).  they are both definitely recipes we will use again!

031 032

3.  a snack and movie night for the girls.  i do this once in a while when jonathan has to work closing.  the girls love it and it's a good way to wind down before bed.


4.  our sweet baby girl who is growing oh so fast!  i had to capture pictures of her sweet little hands and feet.

014 017 016

5.  nadia and leila playing together...which they do so well!  this picture makes me laugh.


6.  these three faces.  liberty sleeping.  leila looking more like her daddy.  and nadia how she looks when she is discovering or pondering things.

034 019 018

7.  leila's crazy sense of fashion.  she's always trying to dress herself and comes up with some crazy combinations.

021 025

8.  a bonfire.  it was fun to enjoy the evening outside and let the kids play while we had a little bonfire.  too bad i forgot to get stuff for s'mores!  we had to put nadia in the exersaucer because she was making a fast beeline for the fire!!

023 024 026

9.  the $2 michigan cheerleader outfit i got at a yard sale for liberty 2 years ago has now been passed on to leila.  GO BLUE!

027 028

10.  a leg ride and donuts from poppo.  for these girls, this combination is perfect!


11.  a binky clip.  now hopefully we will not lose nadia's binky's when we are out and about.  i made this one...i think it turned out a tad too long for my liking, but it serves it's purpose well.

030 033


Amanda said...

your binkie clip looks GREAT! silly rebecca...i was going to make a few for nadia and send them off to you...but you beat me to the punch! oh well, i still have a little something i need to whip up for your little family and get in the mail soon...and perhaps i'll just include some little stickers for the girlies (is there anything they would love getting in the mail!?). love your smiles...love seeing the pics of your girls...have i told you that they remind me of pics of my sis and i when we were little...with the bangs and their hair color is almost exactly the same as my sis and mine was. precious!

Liz said...

Lydia does the accesorizing and playing with shoes just like Leila! So fun to watch. :)

Great binkie clip too--how cute!